Pain as a reality check?

Is pain a reliable RC? Like pinching yourself to see if you’re dreaming? I guess I’m asking if you can you feel pain in dreams…I thought if you can’t feel pain in dreams, then it would be a reliable RC but not a fun one, I don’t want to go around pinching myself all the time when I’m awake to practice! But when all else fails, it might be worth a try! :content:

You can feel pain in LDs. The feeling of it is a little bit different but not enought to make it a good RC.

You may wanna use something more drastic as an RC. Like pinching your nose and try tyo breathe through, etc… :content:

Yeah, I thought that this would be a good reality check too at first, but apparently some people do feel pain in dreams… especially if you expect the pain to be there, which you probably will if you do a lot of RCs every day and feel the pain every time.

I’d say the holding your nose RC is a really good one, but even that has failed more than once for me in my dreams, so always have a few back-up RC’s. I also count my fingers a few times if I get suspicious, look at my hands, and if I get really suspicious I jump and tell myself that I’ll fly (obviously, this can’t always be done, since people will think you’re nuts).

I think expecting the RC to work rather than not work might help out. For example, I once used the hands check, nose check, and glasses check, and they all failed because I believed that they would all be there, like IRL. However, when I plug my nose after performing WILDs, it has proven very reliable because I only use it when I think it will work.

But then it doesn’t become habitual, so you can’t really get out of a ND like that. Maybe what one should do is do certain RC’s so they become habitual, and certain ones only when you truly believe you might be in a dream. Either way, having a string of RC’s is better than relying on just one.

I’ve been shot, burnt to death, had my throat cut, and all that other great stuff in my dreams and it hurt quite a bit. The pain felt realistic too, like when I was burning it felt like a burn, when I was cut or stabbed it felt like the pain you feel from a cut or stab. Being shot didn’t really hurt but then I don’t really know what being shot would feel like.

So yeah, pain wouldn’t work for me.

I agree with what the other have replied… pain is no reliable RC. I’ve had quite a few bad things happen to me in dreams (as bikbau), and though somtimes they don’t hurt at all, other times they hurt really, really bad :smile:

Pain is weird in dreams for me, some times it’s like RL sometimes not.

If I get stung in my dreams it always feels real, other pain doesn’t always. I’ve been stabbed, shot, blown up and lots of other things and while it has hurt, it’s never hurt as much as I imagine it should.

For me at least, it wouldn’t be accurate I never know which pain is going to feel real and what isn’t.

In my first (and only) LD I got stabbed, but it didn’t hurt at all :content:

I grabbed a board with nails on it in my dream and it hurt pretty bad, even left a mark on my hand. I wondered if it would still hurt when I woke up!

Pain as a reality check does not work for me. It’s the first reality check I’ve actually used in a dream. In my dream I said “I must be dreaming” and pinched my leg. Unfortunately I felt the pain and believed that I wasn’t dreaming…

Never again!

I believe the old ‘pinch’ reality test never really works, so I agree with everyone else, it’s not a good RC.
I’m curious to know how the belief that a pinch would wake you or make you lucid came about, maybe I’ll research that.