Pain in the neck...

I slept on my neck wrong or something, because Ive got a bad pain on the left side of my neck, its hard to move, and if I move a certain way I feel a very sharp pain. Is there anything that can help?

A massage should help. Do you have a strong aversion to bright lights?

Have a hot shower and focus the spray on the affected areas. Take A Motrin, and look up if you have Mono. haha, just playing. I freaked myself out earlier this year, I thought I had mono, then I got a sore neck, freaked me out.

Ive got the same problem, I begin thinking I might have MS. If I get any pains, or sores I automaticly think its the worst. Thanks for making worry about Mono LOL, Im actualy fixing to google it.

I was thinking meningitis with the stiff neck…but I doubt you have it!

Your right, its just a crik in the neck, from sleeping wrong, and nothing more. There nothing for me to freak out about… Nothing at all.

When that happens to me, i usually go and play some DDR

Just play some max 300 on heavy, if you are good enough, and your neck will bounce around enough to get it out.

If you dont have DDR availabe…ummm…pretend… :tongue: