Perfect time for Inducing LD?

Hello peepz!

Last night i woke up, and didn’t really feel “that” tired…
i guess i slept for about 4 to 5 hours or somewhat like that.

I tried to do a WILD, but it was hard…
Hard to relax, but at some point, i started noticing the Symptoms such as the feeling of an OBE where i just feel as if my spirit goes in and out of my body.

When im in this state, i can always open my eyes which is then a FA.
But it was so hard to get rid of the Paralysis “In my dreams” that, when i tried to stand up, which felt like weighing a Ton i woke up for real…

Then i decided to just go asleep, which i did. I had a ND.
When i woke up from that, i tried doing a WILD again, and it worked almost instantly…

Was it just not the right time?

Thanks for any replies, Xaren.

I had a similar experience once.
I woke up in bed and I managed to do an RC and see I was dreaming.
The dream was very unstable and I wanted to stabilise it.
I could barely see or move, so spinning was out of the question. I wanted to rub my hands but I wasn’t able to move them. and the harder I tried the harder the resistance and I knew if I tried any harder I will wake up.
So instead, I tried to loosen up a bit and bring my hands together slowly and less forcefully. It took a little time, but I managed, and as soon as I rubbed my hands, the dream stabilised enough for me to get up.

My 2 cents…

Whenever I open my eyes it ends up in something like what you described. So I just wait until my vision comes without opening my eyes. It happens after a few minutes of me knowing I’m in the dream.

After awakening to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, this is the perfect time to attempt to induce consciousness in the dream state. However, WILD isn’t very likely to happen. Instead, you’d have much better success with MILD.

If you insist on using WILD, try to imagine your bed is riding waves on an ocean. Feel the kinetic movement pulsing up and down through your body. This is what always works for me.

I don’t know what method i use…
I guess its a WILD, but eitherway, could also be a MILD.
I fall asleep holding onto my conciousness, don’t really need to think about it, just happens.

That would be a WILD. WILD (wake initiated lucid dream) is a lucid dream in which you enter by carrying your consciousness directly from the waking state into the dream state.

MILD (mnemonic induced lucid dream) is a lucid dream that is induced by repeating a mantra about realizing you are dreaming on your way to sleep. If that mantra is the last thought on your mind when you fall asleep, your next dream will become lucid in the middle of it

If I recall corectly, the morning would be a good time to induce LD’s due to the higher hormone levels. Hormone levels should be at its peak in the morning and once again if Im recalling correctly higher hormone levels will likely produce vivid dreams.