Personal RC?

Hey, I’ve wrote down all my dreams for about 3weeks when I was doing Lucid Dreaming before. (Like a year ago.) Almost every dream had one of my old friends in it. I thou this was quit weird cause I haven’t seen them for years and I never think of them IRL.

So, now when I started doing Lucid dreaming again I start to write down my dreams for about a week. Almost every dream has one of my old friends in it still… it’s kinda annoying cause I don’t even like them lol.

But now I thou, this could be a greate way to become Lucid right? I got old photos off my friends, so if I look at the photos and do Reality Checks I might do it when i’m inside a dream aswell. Might only need to see there face to realize it’s a dream.

Do you think this is a good way?

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Sounds Great!
I think this will work because you are noticing your dreamsigns
Good Luck :thumbs: dont end up like this :ding:

Ok, ill try :smile: thx alot. Gonna go sleep n try right naow actually x)

I have that too. One old friend I never talk to anymore is in my dreams all the time… it’s so weird. It sure is a great DS. I’ve never tried to do anything about it though :shy: give it a try and good luck!

old house, old work, old school, old friends, old hobbies…all on my RC list as well.