Philosophy forum open :)

We now have a special cloud reserved for philosophical discussions.
It hovers above the Gathering.

or click here


Nice, we needed that! (and by ‘we’ I mostly mean me)

Not that I don’t like talking about lucid dreaming, but until I get a little more advanced with it I’m excluded from some of the more interesting topics and bored with the beginner topics.

I promise you Q when i have been drinking i will go crazy on that part of the forum, apprently when i get drunk i get very deep, and btw everyone my spelling actually improves no end which i am sure you will all be happy to hear :wink: btw i know there there is another topic for this, but Q. Congratalations.

FFlare: you’re welcome :smile: Enjoy the philosophical discussions :smile:

Thanks Timeless :smile: Good to see you back, glad you enjoy the new look :smile: - so now we know that you are sober if you make a lot of mistakes and drunk when your spelling is OK lol


This new subforum is a good reason to actually start reading the English forum. :happy:

Did you provide the new philosophers forum with a bazooka or two, Q ? It could be very useful. :grin: :tongue:

Expect to see me in there, crushing everyones theories :wink:.

/me invites Kaniaz…

Hey Mark :wink:



It’s great to have that section because I would love to hang out in that little cloud full of people pulsing brains that feeds on overly larged vessels of our thirsty life core.

What did I just say? o_0 I got a bit carried off… anyways, I’m thrilled that I’m able to hang out with those philsophers there. :happy: I’ll be chasing some theories in there occasionally so better watch out! :biggrin:

Anyways, Q Thanks for all your hard work, we all truly appreciate your hard work! Keep it up! Not to mention the mods of forum, keep it up! :biggrin:

Yes. i love the name of the philosophy forum.

It’s a great one!

Yo, I’m looking forward to these discussions. Sure beats the irc chaos! I’ll invite a friend of mine from school, he’s one of the few who actually sees things on a different level, and I have just recently introduced him to the ways of conscious dreaming…

Release the Peace! haha