Photographic memory dreams

Hey - I am on no quest to have lucid dreams but I did have a question - I am in nursing school and read medical textbooks all day every day. I am an average student but some nights - more often than not these days I have perfect recall of my textbook - I can see and read every single page I have read down to every last word in each paragraph. I thought i was imagining it but raced to my textbook after awakening and found that my dream is on par with the pages in my textbook. I can’t remember the info much after a minute or so after being awake so it is no help but it is kind of freaking me out. Has anyone ever heard of this? I tried a google search and found nothing…

Hey, Zach I’ve def also had dreams where I’m doing something that I spent a lot of time doing during that day, like programming or if I’ve played a game for a long time. But I don’t seem to have the perfect recall like in your case. Could you accidentally be remembering it as perfect? Somebody tell me if I’m wrong, but I think in general the language part of the brain is dormant when dreaming, so maybe you just already knew what the text said in the dream, but the text didn’t line up with reality, and then when you woke up you interpreted them as matching, if that makes sense. Either way though, I don’t think it’s anything to be freaked out about. Pretty cool imo.

P.S. I saw this is your first post, so welcome to the forum. I’m new too, but it’s been pretty cool so far.

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