Got any pictures? Maybe we can identify them :smile:

I also had a venus fly trap, but I didn’t keep the soil moist enough, and it died shortly after I got it.

I already had to cut off two beginning flowers.

I tried to grow a salvia plant. It was dead the day after I planted it.

If I get my brothers figital camera working Ill take a pic :content:

This link is for Bruno, remember the talk we had about garden plants which would thrive in Brazil? … mmers.aspx

This site recommends salvia and hibiscus species, too :cool:

I keep an aloe plant in the house. I also tried a bamboo plant before, but that really didn’t work out for me. It is now dead. I didn’t water it enough. :sad:

In the summer I love to grow Sweet Peas in the garden, I love them. All the colours and stuff, beautiful!

One year I tried to grow the sweet peas from seeds. It kind of worked, but they were a bit thin. :eh:

Thanks, Siiw! :cool:

/me :hugs: Siiw

Ness, sweet peas are quite easy to grow from seeds. They sprout easier if you soak the seeds ovenight before planting. It can take them a while to get up to speed, especially if it is cold, but they will become strong and flower in the autumn :cool:

I love to take care of plants, especially growing stuff from seeds on my balcony. :smile: Last summer I had potatoes, peas, sunflowers, paprika, melon and a lot of flowers I don’t remember the names of.

In the livingroom we have a lot of a kind of Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum).

A few weeks ago I was cleaning the kitchen, only to find some potatoes growing under the sink :tongue:
I had forgotten them there and they began to sprout :shy:

Plant update - I have bought some Hass Avacadoes, and once I’ve eaten them I want to try to grow an avacado plant from seed. I grew one once when I was 6 or 7, now I’m going to try again and see what happens.

cool! Thanks Siiw. I will try to soak the seeds overnight. I think I did do that last time, but I can’t remember now. :uh:

But I planted them indoors first, and then I was going to transfer them outside, when it got warm enough. Maybe they didn’t get enough sunlight?

Usually my sweet peas flower in the middle of summer…like july/august. And they continue to flower pretty late too, last year they lasted until late october!

If it is warm, like it is inside, and the plants doesn’t get enough light (that is quite common inside too!), they will be long, thin and weak. It can help to move them out slowly, for example let them be outside in the day and inside in the night for a few days before you transfer them :cool:

Aaaaaaaaack. Yesterday it was storming really hard outside. My aloes were laying out on the patio table and where soaked. ><; It was a completely surprising shower that came down without any warning. My parents could have brought them in… but nope. :sad:

Most of the afternoon yesterday I spent transplanting my aloes to pots of dirt instead of mud.

THIS is how badly they got rained on. :razz: Sorry for chopping off my left thumb, but you’d be able to see my face if I hadn’t. :wink:

Some people can see the whole pic if I’m feeling generous. ^^

Well, at least you can keep your plants outside this time of year…right now there’s about 3 feet of snow on the ground where I am, my plants wouldn’t last long in that! :tongue:

Anywhoo, I just went to the grocery store where they have an isle with little house plants for sale, so I bought an Ivy plant, and one of their ‘spring garden’ plants (I think it’s a crocus but I’m not sure).

Nice to see so many people who love plants too :smile:

As far as indoor plants I have Lucky Bamboo, a succulent cactus that I don’t know exactly what kind it is, a fern, and peppermints.

Also have some hibiscus (love those flowers!) and morning glories.

Used to have some Sugarsnap pea plants, but the local wildlife decided to chew them down (yet not eat the plants).

Go buy some Mimosa Pudica seeds.

Utterly beautiful in flower, and the leaves, if you touch them, curl up in under a second. Scary, but ultra cool. Make sure you get your cats to play with it.

Wow, ever cool!! :cool_laugh:

Can it be grown indoors, and does it like a tropical or a temperate environment?
I’d sure like to grow one :yes:

PS - I turned you picture into a link, hope you don’t mind :wink:

I am thinking of getting some plants. Are there any plants that can live in a house without sunlight?

If you have no sunlight, you could get a grow-lamp and shine it on your plants :smile:

Most plants survive fine with just standard illuminated room and maybe some daylight from the windows.