Please help, I start to loose hope that I ever get a LD

Hello guys…I hope opening suc ha topic is okay. I dont knwo what to do anymore. Ive read a LOT, I know many techniques etc and I had few glimpses into Lucid dreams.

But Ive been trying for eyears and there are several things that stress me out and when I think about having a LD I basically drift into a negative state and think to myself that I will fail anyways and its really hard to change this mood…I cant get relaxed either bc of my cat _ sometimes he has an issue and attacks me either during the day or at night (so doing techniques like WBTB and such are basically impossible bc i wake up super fast and in fear that my cat might just wait and bite me if i make a move…)

In general I tend to wake up super fast and panicy and I dont know how to control that…I try meditation and guided meditation things but nothing seems to help and I know sometimes I try too hard etc but…theres something Im doing wrong appearantly and I dont know what it is

Recently i tried a method I found in this forum called SSILD (if im not mistaken) and it worked once but again im usually way too stressed or doubtful to make it work again…I even barely remember my dreams.

Others seem to get a hang of it so easily, even with techniques such as finding their hands…I dont know what Im doing wrong and I wish someone would be there to help me find the cause of this:/

I dont want to give up on Lucid Dreaming…I know I can do it but I dont know how. I hope someone here can help me.

Hi Kumoki,

It sounds like you’ve tried really hard, perhaps too hard, and I’m sure it doesn’t feel nice not to have gotten the results you expected… But if you’re experiencing stress and negative states, trying harder won’t help. It might be a good idea, at this point, not to try anything for a while. Bring your focus elsewhere. Maybe there are other areas in your life that need more attention right now?

Also - if your dream recall is not good, how can you know whether you’re having LDs or not? It’s a very good practice to start working on dream recall before trying anything else. Keep a dream diary, write down anything you remember, even if only a short fragment or a fleeting mood, when you wake up. Recall is bound to improve with time if you do this, and you sound like someone who doesn’t give up very easily :wink:

I copy this from another post of mine:
Shortly after I started with lucid dreaming, after some initial success (beginner’s mind!) I had a period with very little dream recall. Someone gave me a piece of advice that I found very useful at the time, and struck me as something important: he spoke of psychic energy and of the need to recharge it from time to time. He suggested, for example, to spend some time in nature. At that time, I lived close to a wild area, with beautiful mountain walks, and found hiking and spending time in nature extremely beneficial. With time and practice I found other things to do that correspond to my needs. Things that work well for me are, for example, walking slowly in a park and spending time observing plants, or sitting down in a certain pub, riding my bike, seeing certain artworks.

The way you do it really depends on you. The rule of thumb is: do something that makes you feel good, relaxed and recharged. That’s especially important when going through a busy or stressful period.

Something else that I find really useful, and also interesting, is to talk about lucid dreaming (or dreaming in general) with people around me. Besides tuning the mind to think of dreams more often, it usually stimulates very interesting conversations

P.S.: maybe closing the door of your room might help to prevent nocturnal feline attacks? :tongue:

I agree with what Le Bateleur says. I would suggest that before you focus on Lucid Dreaming you should first achieve reliable dream recall, but even before that you should focus on simply getting good, quality sleep.
Its sad that your cat constributes to your general level of anxiety, I have no idea what sort of recommendations to make regarding pets, but have you considered what else you could do to relax in the evenings besides (or in addition to) meditation? Something simple like soaking in a hot bath with bath salts, or drinking Chamomile tea? Maybe you could look into dietry supplements that help with sleep?

Have you ever thought of trying Galantamine or other supplements?

thanks guys…these are things i know and i also know it helps to take breaks and not try “too hard” …but…ah i think this topic shouldnt be in this forum

i try meditation, i try to relax, i am mindful and im very awareo fo what i see what i say, i try to question everything i feel etc bc atm my thoughts are going in a very very bad direction so i hoped for lucid dreaming to help me…idk how to describe it…or to find the source of all this by asking my subconcioius but im having too many doubts (its how i was raised…not feeling anything i do is good enough or matters)

i try to do it more relaxed and i notice it works well when i “chill” and dont take things SO seriously etc …its not like i had any success…i did a lot of things, i had great dreams so far…even partly lucid etc etc …

also i try to talk about lucid dreaming…i really really try…i try to convince ppl to try it out, i talk about it but nobody seems to want to talk about it so i gave up on that …i avoid chatting with ppl atm

actually no. I dont want to use any supplements