Problem moving in LDs

Hey there, i’ve been wondering why in all my LD’s i have this difficulty moving, like if i was going all slow motion and its hard to move my limbs properly.
In today’s LD it was like that, though after rubbing my hands a lot and feeling a bit more inside the dream it got a little better.
So any way to fix this? oh and btw if you have any tips on changing your surroundings or spawning stuff it would be great! i’m getting tired of relying on finding doors to go somewhere :tongue:

I’d be happy if doors worked for me, honestly. o_o I sometimes also have problems moving. I’ve heard it suggested to not try to move, but instead imagine yourself moving how you want to. Your dreams are part of your imagination, after all. :tongue:

that sounds kinda complicated, but i might just give it a try :razz:, also you say doors dont work for you, do you use anything else?

Nah, I’m bad at teleporting. Though sometimes if I’m really desperate to change a dreamscene, I’ll close my eyes. Usually when I do so I’ll go into an FA. I might wake up, but usually it IS an FA. Sometimes it doesn’t work and I’m still in the dream. I’m still working on being able to use closing my eyes to switch dreamscenes. Some people say it makes them wake up, but as long as it’s an FA or something most of the time for me, I don’t mind. I still gotta work on getting it to work though.

Ahhh I am familiar with this problem… still don’t know what’s up with it but maybe because you’ve experienced difficulty moving one time, you’re scared that you will have difficulty next times so your mind expects it? I don’t know, someone said it might also be excitement…

Well ZRVera to tell the truth this was the first time i tried using a door =P but i thought it was simple enough, i just found a closed door and i thought “i want a big city to be behind this door” and thought about that until i saw some light around the door, then i could hear some cars behind it, i opened it and there it was, maybe you do it differently?

I probably just don’t pay enough attention to detail. :lol: I often forget to imagine all the different elements of something when I’m looking for it or trying to teleport to it. I gotta quit being lazy and start expecting specifics and let the rest fill in, rather than asking for general ideas. I’m pretty sure that’s my problem. It is simple… I just don’t imagine what I want enough. :no:

From my glorious days of experimenting with dream reentry, I remember that teleportation, scene changing and scene control are all very similar to dream reentry. It required focusing my mind on the scene I want to see, letting my awareness of the current scene go and “shifting” into the new scene. To manipulate the current scene (ex making someone disappear), I can also focus on the current scene and “erase”. I don’t remember experiments with making specific people or objects appear, for that I used the old school “reach behind me” method…

In terms of moving, this is indeed a problem if you are having low lucidity. In high lucidity you may completely ignore your body and move around as a point of awareness. Similarly let go of your body, bring it back when you need it. To move, propel your awareness by using the mind to influence the direction.

Another technique that you may find useful is called “attraction flying” - let distant objects “attract” or “gravitate” you towards them. This works if you levitate a bit first. As you get closer, shift your focus on another object and move towards it.