Programming dream patterns?

One concept I’ve been interested in is changing your dream patterns so that you are almost guaranteed to wake into a certain scenario each time you fall asleep or just a one-off event.

I can imagine it being very convenient if the scenario is outlandish, since you’re almost guaranteed to recognise it as a dream if you are very familiar with a work of pure fiction that you’ve been imagining.

So, what are the all techniques for doing this? I’ve heard of one where you familiarize yourself with an object for a long duration just before sleep, though I’m not too familiar with it. I did it accidentally once, but instantly woke up.

If I learn an effective technique for repeat dreams, I shall do one of the most ironic things in history and try wake up on Derse.

I think a beginner could not do these things easily.

I remember Stephen LaBerge started developing his lucid dreaming skills because he really enjoyed a particular dream where he was an undersea pirate, and he decided to visit that dream again and he remembered “doing that for weeks”.

The way he puts this makes lucid dreaming sound so easy and natural.
He pretty much just decided for himself to revisit that dream as if it were the easiest thing in the world. :tongue:

I guess you could try thinking about it all the time while awake, or counciously change the dreamscape once lucid.

Anyway, I just finished this book about self-hypnosis ( it’s copyright-free) and I think that hypnosis might help a lot in this case.
If you get into the “somnambulistic state” you can even start a dream at command (not sure how well that works though :meh:)