Prolonging LD?

Hello!! I just had my first LD last night. I’m really sorry if I’m in the wrong section or if this is not the place to post this (let me know so I can learn!)

After realizing my apartment doesn’t belong in the shopping mall, I realized I was dreaming and didn’t waste any time starting the cliche LD activities (flying, jumping really high) and got booted out of my dream really quickly.

I want to know some techniques to dream longer. I’ve heard spinning can help, should you do that as you’re starting to feel yourself wake up, or does doing it during your dream help?

Thanks in advance :happy:

Oops! Also, is it possible to have a lucid nightmare? I think I’m a little afraid to dream too long in case that happens…

Edited two posts together. You can use the “Edit” button to add to your text. Other than that, you posted in the right place! :mattias:

First of all, congratulations on your first LD !

LDs become longer with practice, the first one usually lasts less than a minute due to excitement xD Stabilizing techniques will really help. I STRONGLY recommend the “lucidity pill”. I tried, and it works incredibly well !! Pull a Pill from your pocket, eat it or whatever, and it will increase exponentially your lucidity, and therefor how long the dream lasts.
Or, you could also DEILD ! It’s the most recommended, but you need to have a good recall ! When your LD is gone, don’t move when you wake up, and you’ll get back into another in seconds. ^^

For your second question, no, i don’t think it’s possible LOL ! You are in complete control, even if a monster appears, you can make friends with it (Hilarious !), make him disappear or even eat him haha.

Again congratulations, and keep on LDing ^^

I’ll have to try that!! Lol :razz: I’m getting excited to go to sleep to try again. Thanks for your reply!

Welcome to LD4all! :wave: and congrats on your LD. The first ones can be really short as Samyten said (in my case not only the first ones :tongue:)

It is actually possible to have a lucid nightmare, but it’s not that common. Technically the more lucid you are the less you’ll let something frighten you as you realize it’s not real, but it can still be scary! I’ve only had one that I can remember… there was a scary old lady crawling towards me and I was on the floor backing up with no strength in my legs to get up. It was very fun though! Kind of a fun type of scary if that makes sense.

Oh, I remember that feeling! :grin: Good luck.

Grats on the first LD!

I often find that if I feel myself waking up, grabbing on to something within the dream helps to keep me within it. I once had a lucid dream in my school, and when I felt myself waking up I grabbed on to the banister along the stairs. After a few seconds of holding on, the feeling faded and I was able to continue the dream.
Of course, grabbing something else like an object might work too!

This morning I WILDed and the funny thing is I was going into the dream and out of it 5 times in a row and every time when I would wake up and realize that I’m conscious in waking life I would stay still and wait this funny feeling I get and I would make a transition from WL into dream.

Every time I did the same thing. I rolled over on my right side and every time I would find myself in a dream in my room on the floor. And every time I would focus my attention on the parquetry, how it felt, the texture, the level of it everything. The when I got up first I would look at my hands and then I put them on the wall and did the same thing as with parquetry…

Once I got out of the house I would yell so loud that I though I will wake myself up but I didn’t but it still made the dream more stable. Also rechecking and doing RC’s is very useful to stabilize and prolong the dream.

Good luck! :content: