Proud Mobile IRC'ing Addicts Group

/me adds line to sig :cool:

btw, do i need a mobile internet reader to access the forum from my phone? :tongue: i usualy can’t see the whole page, only the left 128 pixels or something, but i see it all the way down though :smile:

I did it :happy: this is a post made from my phone! But it took an hour to get in, almost :tongue:

opera mini is a very useful mobile browser, it translates websites to a readable format

Opera Mobile is even nicer for the Windows Mobile Phones, unfortunately that version of the browser is pay-ware…

/me gets Opera mini :content:

one word: lol ^^

One word Petter hate : lol :razz:

anyway , my mobil cant even egt on the ent , so i guess its impossible for me :sad:

if I could do it I could still be in WG :confused:

but I canmt even download stuff on it.

If you have a windows mobile environment (or something else on your phone that can run *.exe’s), then you can grab yourself IBM’s MIDP2.0 which will allow you to run MIDP 2.0 java applications.
Extract the IVE folder into your [b]\Storage Card\Program Files[/b] folder and place the MIDP-ANS.lnk link in your i\Windows\Start Menu[/i] folder.
Note: you can use File:/// to load local .jad / .jar files. It is preferred to also have a .jad file (creatable with jadgen or jbench, or by renaming the Manifest file inside the .jar)

You can also get the latest version of the IBM MIDP2.0 from the IBM website

Install it on your pc and copy the contents of
to your smartphone’s storage card and create a shortcut to the Emulator.exe

I also managed to get wmIRC 2.0 running btw, but that involved getting an earlier (unofficial) release…

Btw, Opera has release version 2.0 of their Opera Mini software. (And 8.5 of the Opera Mobile)

/me uses his Palm and upIRC and WiFi :smile:

I would be a mobile IRC addict if I had a celol with IRC powers. ( I’m broke)

My phone service provider (Virgin) seems to block downloads that are not from their shop. Otherwise I would be a phone IRC addict.

I still IRC on my Palm PDA though :cool:

I have a RAZR so I don’t know if I have the IRC capabilities. If it did I think it would cost me some money. Service is T-Mobile.

If it supports J2ME it should work. If you can download games on it, yes. I think the RAZR does.

Now the problem is how much it would cost. It depends on how much using the Internet costs you.

The good thing about IRC though is that it is a low-overhead protocol, so it shouldn’t cost too much data to chat for a couple of hours.
So if you can choose between a data-based and a time-based internetsubscription plan for your phone, I would go for the data-based one.
In about 1.5 months I’ve send 206KB and received 1426KB on mine and I use my phone IRC quite a lot; just ask Siw :tongue:

I’ll add another IRC client for Windows Mobile to the list now btw, zsIRC!

The initial post has now been updated with a bunch of new information and improved formatting. Enjoy :wink:

If Vodafone didn’t cost me so much to go online with my phone (and be alot quicker!) I would so be. :smile:

As of today, I registered the domain for the zsIRC project. Currently it is redirecting to the original website, but soon it will function as a normal alternative url for this very nice mobile IRC client!
Original post updated with the new url.

ehh, what am I doing here… I’m not addicted, I just… :anx:

Nokia E71 via the network Vodafone. Went to a number of suppliers, cheapest was 3 but couldn’t get coverage where I needed. IRC is included on their internet use package :grin:

Welcome to the club Dragon :wink: