PsiberDreaming Conference 2011 [winners announced]

I never really understood well what this is all about… I remember last year was something about PDC too, huh ? Here :shy:

It does sound highly interesting, but I couldn’t possibly attend this (due to multiple reasons). I’d truly want to hear from someone who’s going to be there just so to get an idea on what’s all about.


I’m sure someone who’s there will post what’s going on. Or at least, we should have a BIG PDC appreciation topic while it’s on for the people there to inform those that want to know :razz:

If I remember correctly some of us who were in PDC last year did report how the conference is :razz:

I must say I LOVED the IASD conference!! :cheer:. Thanks so much for the ticket last year it was highly informative!

11 days left to apply :content:

Also, PDC is highly addictive so if you want to stay in tune what happens there, the best way is to be there yourself :smile:

because once PDC is running nobody will have time to post here on LD4all about it as well. Ask the addicts who went there last year.

I’m not an addict ofcourse. :yes:

also: to answer a question that came up in chat:
There are 5 spots, and selection is done based on motivation. So this is not a first come first serve. So be sure to include your motivation in your PM, no matter how short (or long).

Oh so exciting! Thanks for offering this opportunity. I’m just getting back into lucid dreaming and want to catch up with all the latest. It would be super fun to learn from the experts.

In the past, I’ve been an experiment subject at the Stanford sleep labatory for Stephen LaBerge’s work. Even had a LD in the lab with all the electrodes picking up the eye signals I was sending them (per the task instructions). I have great respect for all who have pioneered the current trend in educating the public about LDs.

There is so much to learn, catch up with and get better at. Luckily, this year I do have the time to attend this fabulous Psiber conference. I’d be very grateful to recive one of the passes!

Dreaming of being there. :smile:

7 days left to apply :nuu:

Unlucky me :sad:

Why unlucky you? :neutral:

Its not happening in India.

Actually, it’s an online event. That’s why Qu is encouraging everyone to try applying.

Hmm, I would love to apply, but I’m worried about the schedule. I looked it up but there is now hour by hour itinerary and I have school those weeks (and for most of the rest of the year) not to mention a trip to D.C. at the end of the month, right in the middle. Will it be like an all day thing or more like specific events at certain times? I don’t want to apply and get a free pass if I won’t have time to attend.

The PDC is an online conference. You can attend in your PJ’s if you want. It takes place on a forum. The duration is 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks, every day new presentations are posted on the PDC forum.
So you can attend from wherever you are in the world as there are no specific times you need to be online.

You also aren’t required to be 2 weeks there, but it is highly recommended as it is a very addictive high pressure kind of atmosphere. So you will want to keep up with everything. But nothing is compulsory, and at the end of the 2 weeks the conference forum stays open for another 2 weeks as read only, so you can still catch up with what you have missed :content:

Oh, that’s good then, thanks. I’ll apply for sure then. I just was worried that there would be online presentations that happen at yada-yada time and I would miss all them because of school, but thanks. Writing an app right now :tongue:.

/me hopes Qu doesn’t have a time sorting through all old and new ones

Wait, when are people picked? :o

I think she’ll have the picks either at deadline or once she’s found 5 people with a good enough motivation/reason for a free pass.

Selections are done after deadline and the lucky winners will be informed in the weekend of 17/18 sept :content:

4 days left! :nuu:

/me nervously noms a cookie then looks up to find staring people

What this?

I saw Qu had double posted and thought the world was ending

/me gives Qu a calm cookie o.o

I know I attended last year, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping!
It was such a great experience! If I had found a job yet I would have just paid for it myself, but still no luck in that department, and my yardsale money is runing out :sad:
Still, I know I was meant to be here for a reason, and I can’t help but feel that all is well :smile: