PsiberDreaming Conference 2011 [winners announced]

Deadline for applications: september 16th

Lucid Dreamers unite at PDC this year

Every year, the International Association for the Study of Dreams hosts an online dreaming conference, called the Psiber Dreaming Conference, or PDC for short. This year’s conference will run from September 25 through October 9. Two weeks of cutting-edge presentations, workshops, and discussions with some of the top experts in the field of dreams.

This year’s theme is Lucid Dreaming :happy:

And what’s more, LD4all will host a special event during the PDC, the LD4all portal.

So you definately won’t want to miss out on this one! So if you can afford it, come and join the fun!

If you can’t afford this conference, don’t despair!

There are 5 free passes available for LD4all members
How to be considered for one of those passes?
Very simple. Send me a PM with a motivation on why you need one of these passes.

The winners will publicly be announced in this topic, and personally through PM.

If you have any Questions, don’t hesitate to ask :smile:

For more information about the PsiberDreaming Conference, go to


Thank you everyone for your applications. I really appreciate the time and effort you took to write down your motivation :smile: I have considered each and every application and decided as follows:

The lucky winners are…

Scipio Xaos

congratulations! :happy:
you will receive a PM with further instructions. Enjoy the conference!

Thank you everyone!

Dont forget to apply, I know you want to :peek:

That seems nice, however, why they have to always choose the last week of September :confused:.

I will probably be very busy by then…

I won last year so…

I don’t really want to enter this year.

SPOILER - Click to view

Unless no one else enters. :tongue:

i’m still accepting applications, don’t be shy people :smile:

Still time to apply, applications close at september 16th.

Just PM me you are interested and why you need one of those free passes :content:

/me sits in a corner nervously nibbling a cookie in anticipation

Ohhh. Winners you say? I just wanted a place to eat my cookeh

/me offers teh Lady one

/me graciously accepts cookie and informs everyone that there is still 17 days left to apply.

(ahhhh look at my feeble excuse to bump this topic :grin: )

this PDC is going to be great.

Remember folks, the theme is something different every year. This is the first time that the conference revolves around lucid dreaming.

All the experts in the field will be there. Robert Waggoner, Jayne Gackenbach, to name a few. And not to forget our LD4all experts :content:

So I hope to see you there!

I never really understood well what this is all about… I remember last year was something about PDC too, huh ? Here :shy:

It does sound highly interesting, but I couldn’t possibly attend this (due to multiple reasons). I’d truly want to hear from someone who’s going to be there just so to get an idea on what’s all about.


I’m sure someone who’s there will post what’s going on. Or at least, we should have a BIG PDC appreciation topic while it’s on for the people there to inform those that want to know :razz:

If I remember correctly some of us who were in PDC last year did report how the conference is :razz:

I must say I LOVED the IASD conference!! :cheer:. Thanks so much for the ticket last year it was highly informative!

11 days left to apply :content:

Also, PDC is highly addictive so if you want to stay in tune what happens there, the best way is to be there yourself :smile:

because once PDC is running nobody will have time to post here on LD4all about it as well. Ask the addicts who went there last year.

I’m not an addict ofcourse. :yes:

also: to answer a question that came up in chat:
There are 5 spots, and selection is done based on motivation. So this is not a first come first serve. So be sure to include your motivation in your PM, no matter how short (or long).

Oh so exciting! Thanks for offering this opportunity. I’m just getting back into lucid dreaming and want to catch up with all the latest. It would be super fun to learn from the experts.

In the past, I’ve been an experiment subject at the Stanford sleep labatory for Stephen LaBerge’s work. Even had a LD in the lab with all the electrodes picking up the eye signals I was sending them (per the task instructions). I have great respect for all who have pioneered the current trend in educating the public about LDs.

There is so much to learn, catch up with and get better at. Luckily, this year I do have the time to attend this fabulous Psiber conference. I’d be very grateful to recive one of the passes!

Dreaming of being there. :smile:

7 days left to apply :nuu:

Unlucky me :sad:

Why unlucky you? :neutral:

Its not happening in India.

Actually, it’s an online event. That’s why Qu is encouraging everyone to try applying.

Hmm, I would love to apply, but I’m worried about the schedule. I looked it up but there is now hour by hour itinerary and I have school those weeks (and for most of the rest of the year) not to mention a trip to D.C. at the end of the month, right in the middle. Will it be like an all day thing or more like specific events at certain times? I don’t want to apply and get a free pass if I won’t have time to attend.