Question - any negative side effects to LD?

First Of does anyone ever had any negative after experiances after having an LD? If so what was it? A change in attitude? Or something just doesnt feel right?
What if you are making yourself vunerable to other things that could influence you into doing things you dont want?
I would like to LD but i just dont know if it is safe. From what I have read it is safe but What dont I know?

Some people may get addicted, even or worried after an LD,but after that they rarely have another one.
LDing is formed in you mind, if you get stressed, worried, frightened from it, you might just get bad dreams and not an LD.
I guess there’s nothing to worry, since your worries and fears are your only enemies while LDing.

It’s just realised you’re dreaming, there is nothing about it in itself that could harm you. There is nothing mystical about it.

Heh. If you have a change in attitude I seriously doubt you will think it’s a bad thing. No matter what caused it.
As for doing thing you don’t want to do. I see no connection to dreams at all.
Vulnerable to what? What things? Demons? Because if you mean things of that nature I have nothing to say.

The only negative side effect I’ve experienced is poor quality sleep - not from lucid dreaming itself but from attempting techniques that prevent me from enjoying a restful night. Everything else has been positive, way positive!

I dont feel that negative side of LD. I also dont think that LD’s can cause any negatives. Noone seemed to have one. Unless we will count guy that was worrying because after four years of training LDing he was still recogenizing that he is dreaming. That was annoying to him, but I wouldnt find anything bothering in it.

I think lucid dreaming should be used in moderation, like a lot of things.

Why? You make it sound like a substance or something.
You’re dreaming anyways, what’s the harm in being aware of that fact?

You know, you dont could get addicted to it not in phisical way, but by psyhical one.

Yes but I dont think that anyone got addicted by it :tongue: Im also saying that there might be posibility like that.

If you did get addicted, then it would be almost impossible to have any LDs. The kind of feeling you get when addicted is the worst possible growing ground for LDs.

There is the possible addiction (me) and depends on the method… its not good to interupt your sleep all the time usuing WILD or other forms, but nothing DEADLY!!!
Also there is some arguement amongst freudians and scientists that dreams aren’t meant to be lucid because your subconcious is contacting you or some other freudian lingo. Dont worry about it, just remember if you do a WILD or some other sleep interupption technique, give yourself a little more time to sleep in.

If anything its a healing medicine, the things you can do in it