quick question

last night i noticed that when laying down to WILD, you can tell when your body falls asleep, and your brain is the only active part of you working.
for me, everything behind my eyes lids gets “darker” although that doesnt seem like the right word. and flashing lights become alot easier to notice and see

anyone else have that noticeable change?

It’s a feeling.
Just like anything in life, every person experiences it in a different manner.
I personally simply lose touch with the body and I feel my consciousness shift to my head, as if I almost forget I have a body. I just feel like an essence of energy.

lol thats so weird, that explains it perfectly=p

:help: i did what seemed lucid for a little bit; i got up at approx. 4:34, stayed up for awhile (till about 5:00) then laid my head down to rest a little bit an went to sleep for a couple minutes then in the endish of my dream, i told myself, “wait a minute, you’re dreaming!” and a word poped into my head as i felt intense pressure on my whole body, not as much in my head,but still everywhere. is that normal? or is it different for everyone? :help: oh! and the word was “oppose” or “opposition” dont remember which

this is exactly how i feel

Cause we are no more than energy ^^