Racism against whites

This topic is not about hating one group or another. It is simply here to discuss the change in american culture.

I have noticed that racism toward whites is growing at a fast rate. There are some things i dont understand that i hope somebody could explain.

  1. Why can someone of African descent call me “white” or a “cracker” in public without reprimand, but if i so much as utter the word “black”, i am called a racist?

  2. There are black, hispanic, and asian/pacific islander history months. Why is there no European history month?

  3. Why is there no affirmative action for whites? The policy of affirmative action states that a (example) black person can SUE a company if they feel they werent hired because of their color. Does that mean i can sue FUBU if they dont hire me?

i just want to know if anybody can explain this to me in a reasonable manner. This topic is for serious replies only. I also dont want to hear any of this. “Your country enslaved and opressed these people for centuries. They deserve to be treated better”. All that is past and gone.

Thank you, and please only post if you know what you are talking about.

  1. you can indeed say black. Shure as hell nothing wrong with that that is l,ike saying blonde or brunett or aisan or hispanic.
    But you should be carefull whith using the N word… it is only to be used in really good jokes.

  2. beacuse everyother month in the year is the european history month.

  3. yes you can indeeed if you can prove that race is the reason why you wherent allowed a job. and btw the american legal system is so wierd and its not really logic at all.

And to cvomment on this post in general i would say that there are indeed some recism behionf this and especially that last part you should relly really think about.

Allso i do indeed hate america.


While we are on the subject: why are black persons often using the N-word? I am not a rasist, and in fact it bothers me that they use it (I am white). I would certainly not use it, but why is it different when a black person use it? Black people can use rasistic words and this is not rasist?

I am confused. Is it suppose to have another meaning or something when spoken by a black person? Any explanation would be highly appreciated.

I only really have a good answer to 2.

A European history month would be embarrassing and full of murder, thievery, and the most immoral and inhuman actions imaginable. :razz:

A lot of our ancestors were less than pleasant people. Therefore, I don’t identify myself with my heritage.

To comment on the general topic, racism towards whites can happen because those individuals who do it would call white people racists if we complained. It’s not fair.

I have never been racist in my life, and rage on an almost daily basis against those who foster intolerance and hate. Yet, when I point out the inherently rude action of someone who happens to be black, I get called racist.

Race is not a shield. It is a happenstance of birth, and does not determine a single iota of your personality. Who you are and how you act is an individual choice. If you are a jerk, then your actions should be denounced, and you should never be able to use your race, or the suffering of those long dead to negate that fact.

In the end, it boils down to white people fearing the label ‘racist’. We do. We feel some built in shame for the actions of our forefathers, and genuinely terrible people will exploit this. It’s not right, it is ignorant, and it is cruel, but I see it almost everyday.

I am not white. You are not black. We are humans, every one of us. Never forget that.

I think that mentality is bad myself. We should instead start treating everyone as equal. How it is now in usa, is that blacks get special priority for getting into for example schools, with reason of them being enslaved in the past. This is one of the things that actually creates racism. We cant just give minorities money for generations because some previous generations got treated bad. It is time to move on and treat people equal no matter their skin colour or ethnic background.

Thai Boxer and Tomas, great points. I thoroughly agreed with your post, Tomas. It’s about time people got over race and attempted to treat everybody fairly. There’s not much point in harboring ill feelings for past wrongdoings. It’s time to move on. :smile:

btw i am no white supremisist

here’s what i propose

Race should be taken out of EVERYTHIG, including SAT (its a standard eyes test in America). They ask you for your race and that is just stupid. Everybody has the same advantages now that we have public schools and state scholarships. Nobody can whine about not being able to get a job because of race. I also believe race SHOULD NEVER be a factor when getting a job. The best qualified person will do best for the company. Period.

MorMor, why do you hate america?

…i see this getting heated

If lucidity teaches us anything, it teaches that it is possible to see beyond the everyday notion of things. Take this topic, for instance.

Some people identify themselves as being a part of a group, largely based on ethnicity, that has been historically oppressed. What does lucidity teach you? How about the limited beliefs that you hold onto when you identify as being someone oppressed. Being of mixed ethnicity, I could choose any one of several groups to identify with, but then I am voluntarily placing myself in a box, something that is fundamentally not real. This is the teaching of lucidity about race and ethnicity; those concepts are largely constructions and to invest energy in them is to live under their limiting yoke. When a black person calls another person the ‘n’ word, some say they are appropriating the language of the oppressor and turning it around to empower themselves, but in truth, they are adopting the social constructions of a slave culture that no longer exists. Those who want to move forward and gain consciousness must realize their uniqueness and not be so quick to place themselves in some arbitrary camp that is the product of the place in which they have been raised. A person of conscience will explore the broader range of cultures and be able to place this one in context, and in doing so they will be above the fray and impervious to the trap.

Lucidity teaches that it is all about consciousness.

Look at the different personas you can put on and take off in a lucid dream. Now which one is you? Isn’t the real question what are you behind all those different masks? You’re not a black woman or asian-american man: you are a spark of consciousness in a sea of archetypal energies in which you swim and attempt to form meaningful relationships with.

The dichotemies of American society are arbitrary and the result of historical processes of the nation. They are as absurd as the dichotemies of any other country, and you can be sure that every single country on this planet has absurd ways to group and categorize people.

There’s no reason to denigrate American or Western European culture or society: name any culture and I’ll be able to tell you about personalities that were as vicious and rapacious as anything in our history. No, all societies contain plenty of dirty laundry. Fortunately, we are pretty good about airing out our bad history, and I think that’s pretty damn healthy.

Affirmative Action is neither good nor bad: it merely continues the tradition of placing people into boxes. It helps some people and gives other people a legitimate reason to be upset. It will never solve any problem. What is required is a cultural and conceptual solution: a solution of consciousness, but that’s very difficult.

Ultimately, the only solution will be after the current society undergoes a radical transformation, which is usually only brought about through intense suffering, not to mention a complete dissolution and rebuilding of a new political structure in North America. Political entities come and go, and that goes for the United States, too… and that’s not a bad thing! Thomas Jefferson said as much!!! But the political component has to be only in the context of a revolution in our consciousness - that’s where the real change happens, and it usually only gets there after great suffering because we’re all too invested in the status quo.

Well, food for thought.

Most people in modern society think that they’re victims; victims of the system, victims of the man, victims of discrimination, victims of society. All I can say is that I’m getting pretty sick of it. I say that if you have never been a slave, then you don’t have anything to bitch about. There are people in the world at this moment who can barely get food in their stomach or find shelter, and then there are the people who dress in designer swag and have the life of luxury and piss and moan about how their ancestors had it rough… Bottom line: people need to grow up and quit trying to play the race card, it’s just ignorant (and we all know ignorance just breeds more ignorance).

 As far as affirmative action goes, I think it just singles out certain members of society by giving them special priviledges over other(possibly more qualified) people. It's like painting a big handicapped sign on their back or something..Just plain stupid.  :neutral:
  1. I did a presentation. I wish I remembered the case name, but he was more qualified than some minorities in the running, but he didn’t get in to a medical (?) college. The one side argued that because the case was years ago (back when discrimination was still a big issue), affirmative action was necessary, or minorities wouldn’t have motivation. The other side argued the obvious. It seemed justified back then, but seems unjustified right now, in my opinion.

Actually you can’t. Since you already believe that the legal system is illogical (I don’t need to convince you) this is really going to blow your mind.

As a white male you would have no standing to sue an employer, administrator etc. because said employer, university or whatever gave preference to a minority over a white male. The discrimination laws only apply to specific (what the law calls “protected”) groups which includes anyone other than a white males (nearly any ethnic group), women, people with disabilities or sexual orientation (except transgendered individuals, and people who are straight).

While none of this sounds fair, the reasoning behind it all is that there is no evidence to suggest that white males have been discriminated against and thus they do not need special protections from the legal system. On the other hand, there is a great deal of evidence to show that historically: women, minorities, people with disabilities etc. have been discriminated against and on a large scale.

Hopefully there will come a day where we all just see each other as people (not groups) and treat each other with respect.

Anyway, look on the bright side you could always allege that you were discriminated against because you are gay (weather you actually are or not) or claim that the interviewer made advances to you and file a sexual harassment suit. :smile: Other than that, you are out of luck and as far as the federal law reads, out of court as well.

This is a theme with so much feelings that its ahrd to discuss.

For not to speak off anti-semittism and Israel :bored:

Is it soemthing I HATE is it people using racism and such as shelter. Those should IMO loose that protection. Their own fault.

And I had to laugh when you american guys talked about Sueing xD


understandingprejudice.org/r … affirm.htm
Here is some info on affirmitive action that may change some people minds. I am one of the few black people on these boads so I want to put my imput into this conversation. I think that we should all judge people on their character, morals, and integrity rather than on their skin or on what their anscestors did in the past. But in the same light I feel that the N word (which hold a very “special” place among words) if said by a “white” person is more offensive (than if a black said it) in that the last time that group of people openly used the word it was meant to be offensive and hurtful. Now I dont know if it still is I mean iIsee alot of blacks using it today (I personally dont because its a word born of hatred and cruelty) but that doesnt make it right. Your second point I think has already been covered. We have those months so you can have the rest of the year. And your third point I think is handled by that link.

well why do i hate america…

lets say its mostly about religion(Im an active atheist), forregin policy and indeed racism.

But lets not make this a flaming thread. i can se that you intentions with this thread was good.

but hey not everyone loves sweden either :razz:
link removed … I am sure you can use your imagination :moogle: now this is seriously wicked… they are totaly serious.

everyone is rasict in one way or another , it’s not as if whites have been the worst subject of rasism in history you know , you could just hit the N word and neutrlize it after a small lil bloodbath or walk away


yea, MorMor, i too am an atheist and i HATE how big of a role religion plays in the states. Dont get me wrong, im not one of those people whining about having the word “god” printed on our money, but i do think it is kind of stupid.

…i thought you would have hated america mostly because of our recent years’ actions.

…i’m gonna go start a thread about this. It’ll be called “Why you hate america, and why you’re wrong”

hehe…we’ll see how it goes.

The moderators are REALLY strict here too, so we better keep it flameless

I do not hate the american people, but i do indeed hate their political system and like you said their foreign policy.

But then again, there is plenty of shit i hate my own government for as well. I also hate what Israel is doing this days, but again that dosent mean i hate jews.

you see, tomas, what you say doesnt bother me because you also dislike other countries, including your own. I have encountered many people who hate America and America alone. Probably because we influence the world so much.

i just got one little question. If our invasion of Iraq was unjust and we just did it for oil, then why doesnt the UN do anything about it. By UN LAW they have to do something against an unjust invasion. That is why the UN was created in the first place. So, why doesnt anybody do anything about our “war crime” (really, invading iraq was a war crime if we just did it for oil)?

…i see this turning into a discussion about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and if the bombings saved lives or not.

…the nukes in japan DID INFACT save lives.

  • Are you sure this is so common? In my time in America, I referred to “African-Americans” as “black” all the time, often directly to their face, and I never had anyone react negatively! I find it rather weird to call someone “African-American” if they’ve lived in America all their life and have no ties to Africa other than biological heritage. However, the term “black” isn’t related to a country or region as such, so it seems a lot more accurate in my view.

To put it in a different perspective - I’ve had several people call me “German” because of my blondish hair and blue eyes - and I was quite insulted by this, because I don’t have a German accent, any German heritage, and I’ve never even set foot in the country! (I have nothing against Germany, but I’m clearly not German myself.) On the other hand, I have no problem with being called “white” - it’s referring to the colour of my skin, sure, but it’s a term that’s free of any other connotations. It’s definitely a lot more accurate.

So, with “black” and “white”, I think you have to see that there are major differences between racial connotations, and racist connotations. We shouldn’t hide what race we belong to, or see ourselves as, so we need these terms. However, I think it’s easy to get acknowledgement of race mixed up with derogatory racial slurs. The two things are quite different!

I’m afraid I know nothing about any of these, not being familiar with American holidays, so I couldn’t say.

The trouble with affirmative action is all to do with goverment ideology. The idea is that with more ethnic minorities attending higher education, more will get into good jobs in the workplace. With me so far?

Unfortunately, this only addresses half the problem! The govt wants more minorities in jobs, with college as a means to get there. What they should really focus on is more minorities with good education. Jobs will naturally follow on from good education, but because affirmative action only starts at a tertiary level, it’s not soon enough to provide better education.

The government (and this goes for Australia, too, not just America) should really be spending this money on improving minority access to and attendance at basic primary and secondary education first. With a good background in those areas, a greater percentage will naturally graduate to college without government intervention! It’s simply a case of misplaced policy and awkward ideology that tackes a problem only after it’s developed instead of catching it at the roots.