Random LD question, and intro

I’ll admit; I’ve always been a bit of an elitest snob when it comes to dreams and LDing. What other people find hard to master and need guides for, are things that have been natural for me since I was a young kid. Once I’m in the dream itself I don’t need any help with anything. Reading many accounts of other people’s dreams, I have to say that mine are pretty damn cool. In terms of the enviroment, what I’m able to do and the indescribable feeling.

One question though, and a few tips and experiences of my own.

Q. With all that’s said about WILDing, is it actually possible to dream when not in the REM state? Is there any way of skipping the ‘boring’ sleeping stages and jumping straight to REM?

When it comes to methods of travel, why on earth would you want to use ‘mechanical’ transport to travel about in a dream? Half the fun of them is that the (or most) laws of physics don’t apply. The only time I’ll use any kind of mechanical or ‘worldly’ transport is if it has a central role in the scenario/story of the dream.

One way I move about is to close my eyes, focus hard on the place I want to be and when I open them I’m there. Hopefully. Sometimes I end up somewhere totally random and unexpected (like at the bottom of a swimming pool :grin:, but it’s part of the fun.

As for flight, my method seems to be different to most people’s. I simply give myself a little lift off the ground, as if I were lifting myself on one foor to stand. I fly relatively upright, but at a, say, 20 degree angle leaning forward with my arms about a foot away from my sides. Interestingly, I seem to often have a ‘speed limit’ on how fast I can fly. In occasions when I need to fly through a small gap (window bars, fence etc.) I’ll turn into a dove for a few moments till I’m through. I prefer flying about 5-10 metres above the ground unless the situation requires me to go higher.

Removed. Please read the Guidelines. :wink:

Something I find ‘coerces’ my mind into entering a vivid dream (probably just works for the guys :tongue:), though not necessarily lucid, is to, shortly before going to sleep, jack off until just before you’re about to blow and then stop. Your mind/body will be eager, if not pressured to ‘finnish the job’ and will place you in an appropriate dream for that to happen.

Otherwise, good to be on the forum :beer:


As far as your question goes, yes, I believe that you can skip the sleep stages if you know what you’re doing. It takes practice and skills that I don’t know how to explain, however.

Your flying methods sounds like an invisible segway, haha. :grin:

Jumping from deep sleep to REM is hard, but possible. It usually takes even experienced dreamers a lot of practice to figure out how to make that work for them, and even when they do it’s not necessarily reliable. That, and because you’re so tired as well as other chemical changes in your body early in the night, these REM phases tend to be quite short and sporadic, leading to unstable and “fuzzy” dreams. Again, not saying you can’t have a good LD during this time, but it’s not as likely as early in the morning.

As for using regular transportation, I don’t do it too often. Flying is way too much fun for me, but it can be entertaining to see how well your mind simulates the whole driving process. That and I know a lot of dreamers here have issues with flying, so using a regular vehicle to act as a crutch for them has helped a lot.

The other thing you mentioned was the medication. That could interfere with your chances on an early night WILD, and it may not be advisable to try to keep your mind awake right after you’ve taken it. Have you consulted your doctor? That, and I don’t know if it’s a great idea to suggest to people here (some of whom are desperate for LD’s) prescription sleep medication if they don’t need it. That’s just asking for trouble, especially since a lot of them can be addictive.

You’re last, uh… “technique” seems a bit… different :tongue:. I don’t think it would work for me, though. Orgasm denial tends to make me more frustrated and overly excited, so things would have to calm down a little before I could really fall asleep. Still, we might be on our way to BBILD (if you don’t get it, don’t ask) :razz:.

Thanks for the input. Regarding the Segway comment - that’s exactly it. And lmao at BBILD. Might just copyright the term :happy:

For some reason this morning even though I had an awsome non-lucid dream, I just cba to make the effort to try and re-enter it lucid. I was thinking of focusing on simply stepping out of my body as if I were doing an OBE, but the thought of it actually working and me looking back down at my own bodt scared me for some reason :meh:

Dreams do not only occur in REM sleep. People awoken even from Delta sleep have reported dreams. There seem to be different characteristics for Deep sleep dreams, other N-REM dreams and REM dreams. If you want to skip ahead to REM sleep, practice lucid dreaming in the mornings, when REM sleep dominates.

As regards your dream skills, all I can say is kudos.

Another thought I had.

It’s scientifically proven that animals dream just like us, but I think it’s highly unlikely that they are able to lucid dream. Most people can’t even lucid dream. When a person realises they’re dreaming they usually just wake up and it takes a hell of a lot of skill to stay dreaming.

Howevever. The thought occured to me while watching my dog just now. One moment she’s wide awake, the next she’s fast asleep with her eyes flickering, legs twitching etc - so obviously dreaming. How are they (cats too) able to enter REM sleep immidiately, skipping the initial phases?

I’m jealous :tongue:

Haha nice its been a while since I’ve taken flight in an LD.I used to pull one of Neo’s numbers looking up then taking off like superman, but then crash land face first and get up a bit dazed wondering where I am. :eh: I think I traded it in for super speed and teleknetic abilities. Now whenever I would try to fly I would levetate at a snails pace. But I recently noticed that whenever I need to get somewhere fast I take afew strides then everything becomes a blur while running or I black out. About 30 minutes after waking up I suddenly remember certain Images like vehicles, talking to someone, or being at a certain place