Re-dreaming a dream?

Is there anyway to redream a dream you had a LONG time ago? There is this one dream that had were I stare down a long street and night with only 2 lamp post. I just have this feeling about it. It would be nice to dream it again and find out what my mind was trying to tell me.

Hmm, I suppose if you had an LD, you could “conjure” up the scene again, which is what I hope to do as well with my all time favourite dream.

If you really want it to happen again, I’m sure you can have that dream again, lucid or not. If it is on your mind enough during the day, you could eventually have it again. Visualising the dream while you are in bed would help, I think.

I’m sure it’s possible. Why, in the MILD technique, you re-dream a dream you just had in your imagination, so re-dreaming it in an actual dream should work :yes:

I have successfully re-dreamed several dreams before, mostly after becoming lucid. The main thing you will notice is that the dream will not be exactly how you remembered it. There likely will be subtle differences.

LDs can help you re-dream dreams, I’ve done it before. The method that works for inducing those LD s is MILD.

earlier this month I had a WILD which incorporated the settings of two previous dreams.

"I’ (just a point of perspective without a body) found "myself’ in a tunnel which linked on one end to a hangar from a recent previous dream and on the other to a subway tunnel from a dream of at least a year ago. I had the impression that by going to the two other end of the tunnels I had also gone back into time to those earlier dreams via some dream equivalent of a shortcut through a higher dimension.

I also have gotten dreams (though not in the past few years) where I had deja vú and felt sure that I had just gotten back to the scene of a now-forgotten dream or a previously forgotten dream that I can now remember.

I don’t really want to re-dream the dream. I want to just go back to one scene and ask my SB what it was trying to say. Out of nowhere, my mind things abouts. It is such an old dream. Like 6 years ago.

If you wake up early in the morning and your tired enough to go back to sleep, concentrate as hard as you can on the dream.

I think this is called a VILD where you have a preset dream that you want to be in when you start dreaming.

If you concentrate on it hard enough, sometimes it works.

Or just try it next time your lucid.

I seem to have dreams in places where previous dreams have been taken place. At least three of my dreams that all took place in the exact same spot relatively were from the computer game Call of Duty 2. I am always a soldier, and most of the time an allied one. In every one of those dreams I am always doing the same thing, sniping people from the same place.

What this has to do with this topic is, is there anyway that I can stop having dreams that occur in the same spot (i.e. the game). I usually don’t play that computer game that often so I don’t know why about a dozen dreams have taken place within it.

Anyway, Am I Dreaming is right, if you concentrate hard enough on something, you will likely succeed in getting what you want.

I’ve redreamt some dreams from all the way back in primary school, (im 18 now) but i wasn’t lucid at the time. just thought i’d share :peek:

If you really want to, you can always try to incubate (using autosuggestion or visual incubation) the dream back, or, as it was suggested, conjure the scene (or just the specific DC you want to talk to) in a lucid dream.

If you only want to interpret the dream, you could also ask your SC to give you a new dream with the same message, or try the gestalt technique, which consists in bringing the dream character to real life by acting like him/her—I know, it sounds crazy, but it gives you some very interesting results… PM me if you’re interested on how it works. :smile:

Thanks, I will try that. Now all I need to do is is wait for night time and hope to get lucid…

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That happens to me quite a bit. I have a few dreams that i recignise as “regulars” but i never remember them until after it has happened! ARGH! i can never remember to RC!