Read before you become to involved in LDing

I would like to caution people who are about to start dedicating your life to LDing
last year thats what I did and I had no success

I have feeling the less you try, the more you are comfortable with knowing what your doing…the easier it is.

Before you start waking up in the middle of night maybe try just telling yourself you’ll LD…just a thought

sorry but… what’s your point? :tongue:

and remember it’s different for everyone. For some people it just takes more time.
But if by “waking up in the middle of the night” you mean losing sleep then yeah, I agree. Losing sleep to try to LD isn’t really a good thing.

I think he means something like WBTB. And I find MILD and autosuggestion completely pointless. Never worked for me.

I think he means you shouldn’t try too hard.

Like the guide says: