read this book and get weird dreams....

I think I never have had such weird dreams as I have had the past weeks…when I realized this “pattern” I wondered why and quickly understood the reason could only be one, the book I was readin. The weird dreams started about the same time as the book started to make sense :wink: And, at least for me, the best way to get lucid is to have so weird dreams that you come to a limit when you just cannot believe its true anymore

The author is Haruki Murakami and the book is called “hardboiled wonderland and the end of the world”
It is bautifully written, it is like poetry in some cases(and so it was that I lost my shadow…" + haruki is a very contemporary writer and his books always have an underlying sharp critisism towards society (consumer culture etc)
Ive read some other books of him and strongly recomend them, especially “dance dance dance” but beware, do not read 2 books after eachother, you have to pause with something different. ok…this is getting of topic…
I have no idea whether it’d have the same effect on others thou, maybe im just weird :content:

Thank you. I’ll remember this name. Haruki Murakami. If I find one of his books, I’ll read them. :smile:

Why not read two after each other?

why not? he writes in quite a specific way and you might get bored if you read to much without brake, also the books are quite intense in a certain way. Its like a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, they are written is such a weird and funny way, but you´d get bored with it if you read all 5 books at once!

I see.

I actually read a book of his and had some odd dreams while reading it. Don’t remember what it was called though, something about sheep.

Wow, you make it sound very enteresting. Now Ive got to get this book.

just started reading “kafka on the shore” this one seems even more weird then the last one… :smile:

I always have REALY weird dreams, but that doesn’t help me become lucid. I can dream of witches and hairy monsters and i will STILL not understand i’m dreaming!!

Kafka on the shore?

Wow… that name sounds really familiar…
where did I hear that?

Anyway thanks for the book recommendation.

Franz Kafka?

Who’s Franz?..

I meant the whole title, ‘Kafka on the shore’
Turns out to be one of the best selling books. : )