Reading in dreams

I’ve read somewhere that when you are reading, you are using your left side of the brain. And when you are dreaming, you are using your right side. Therefore you cannot read in dreams. (Great RC!)

I was like: “Challenge accepted!” and started thinking about it.

I remember letters and numbers, but they didn’t make any sense.
The closest to reading in a dream, was when a cat tried to write me a message: “mrromm4y” or something. Clearly it tried to write “mommy” to me, but I just thought: “Silly cat, you cannot write.” Isn’t this reading?

I’ve also dreamt about math

It MUST be possible, especially for lucid dreamers, to read in dreams! Now I’m curious if anyone of you ever have read something in dreams, and what.


It was only yesterday I read in a dream. I had to check a beetle’s name and I looked it up in a book and it was there and made sense though it was missing a prefix. Reading is totally possible in dreams and I do it quite often.

I once even saw complex equations I had done in maths the day before.

So the talk about not using the left side of your brain when dreaming isn’t probably quite correct. But it may vary among individuals.

Off topic: and as far as felines go in my dreamworld, today I heard the first cat talking. One of the best dreamsigns to miss.

I can recall reading numbers and I might have read words In a dream once very long ago. Idk how just did it…Must be a mental thing that, the whole you can do anything you put your mind to deal :neutral:

I have read in dreams many times.I just recently had a dream in subtitles .I am learning japanese and I am not quite good enough so in my dream it was depending on the subtitles

The first lucid dream I had was by complete accident. The moment I realised I was dreaming, I went to read the side of a soda can (no idea why) but the writing wasn’t legible in my dream. I haven’t tried since.

I thought modern neuroscience had figured out there’s more to the brain than just ‘left’ and ‘right’. Like the classic ‘left brain = rational, right brain=creative’-model is outdated.

I also read somewhere that people can’t hear music in dreams, while I clearly do. I think it varies among people. People who read/write a lot probably read/write better in dreams. Nonetheless, in my dreams letters and words never seem to work correctly.

To me, most of the time I can’t read in dreams, or I “can”, but you know, I understand what I’m reading but the visual aspect is completely nonsense.
However I remember a lucid dream in which I saw a panel on which was written “Le Feu” (“fire” in french) and I could read it clearly and was so proud of it that I yelled “Le Feu” two or three times in the dream.

I also often dream about geography maps supposed to represent our world but they’re completely changed…I talked about it with my mum and she said it never happened to her.
Has anyone else such dreams?

I remember, in one of my dreams I went to a library and just randomly read some books. The text was crystal clear and readable. Sadly I rarely remember anything from these books (inspiration…) - just know that the text doesn’t change or morph into anything else :confused:

I remember seeing a sign that said “BOMB AT YOUR OWN RISK”. Come to think of it, that doesn’t really make much sense, since setting off a bomb is dangerous anyway.

It was in a zoo, by the way.

The idea about the “left” and “right” brain is completely valid. The way it works, as you said is that the left is rational, and the right is creative, however information can be transmitted between the two hemispheres, this is because they are connected with the “Corpus callosum”, which results in the possibility to transfer information.

However, patients with severe epilepsy were treated with “corpus callosotomy”, during the 1950’s. This involved severing the corpus callosum, in order to prevent an epileptic fit from damaging the whole brain, thus one hemisphere would function normally.

You can imagine that as a side-effect the patient would not be able to transmit information from the left to the right hemisphere. Look up the Sperry Split brain study if you want to verify anything :wink:

So modern neuroscience might not be completely wrong.

Forgive me for interrupting, I am a bit high :gni:

Oh dear, reading for me is a chore in my dreams. In my last dream, my writing kept changing and letters were squished together. It was so difficult to understand. I’m sure its possible, I’ve just never done it before.

One of the reality checks many people do is reading text,and then looking back to see if its different. If you’re dreaming, most likely the text has changed.