Real life sounds in lucid dreams

This morning I unintentionally did a WBTB. I was dreaming that I was in a car that my mom was driving and we went off of a cliff and over an ocean. Thats when I realized I was dreaming. I then heard footsteps in my dream but I knew they were from my mom IRL. I woke up and still heard the footsteps confirming that. Is it possible to stay dreaming when hearing real noises?

Yes, if you’re about to wake up, the sounds may be incorporated in your dream. I remember with a my old alarm clock I used to dream that it was some kind of fire truck/alarm in my sleep right before it fully woke me up.

Be aware that if you train yourself not to wake up, you’ll get FAs when you really need to wake up early, and boy, that ain’t pretty.

that is so weird me too

This happens to me once in a while. I remember a dream I had when I was little: My cousin was driving a car and I was on top of it, and we drove over a bridge. I looked over the edge and saw my mom standing in the water saying, “Girls, it’s time to wake uuuuuup…” :tongue: When I had my alarm clock set to turn the radio on in the morning it would get into my dreams. I remember once having a dream where the music was coming out of a cow.

I’ve heard my parents outside my room while lucid, too. If it happens often it would be a good RC.

This always happens to me. Just a few nights ago my alarm clock was somebodys cell phone ringing… I noticed that its a while past the time I set it for. Im always late for work. And it does suck!
When I was little I would wake up to the radio and the song that was always on, was in my dream. (One week it was the same Micheal Jackson song “You are not alone” for a few days straight. Kinda weird…)

I also notice that if someone is touching me I dream about it, like im getting hit or punched. I guess Im just a really deep sleeper. My brothers would hit me with pillows when I was younger & I wouldnt have even known it if they never told me.

In a LD I had I was dreaming I was on my bed and I heared my mom in the next room and yelled to call her, I knew it was a dream, and then I realised I yelled in reality and that my mom was indeed in the next room, she heared me and went to my room.