Reality check question

Do i have to do a reality check everytime i see my dreamsign
or is 1 time per day enough?

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Personally, I’ve found the most effective way to use dreamsigns is at night, directly as I fall asleep. Actually, correction: they’re most effective me as I fall back to sleep in the middle of the night or early morning.

The dreamsign that’s worked most consistently for me, probably, is the fact that in bad dreams or nightmares, I run away like an animal on all fours. Several times I’ve caught myself doing this and have gone lucid.

The other dreamsign that’s worked for me is noticing that I’m in some version of my childhood home.

So what I do is, when I’m falling asleep, is remind myself over and over again that if I dream either of these things then I’ll know that I’m dreaming.

Lately, after so many years of lucid dreaming, I’ve begun to think that having a lucid dream is at least 90% about the frame of mind you’re in as you fall asleep—how aware, how focused you are on some prospective memory task, how vigilant.

Well to increase my chances i use them all the day
but the essential question is, if one RC per dreamsign is enough?

Unfortunately once aday is not enough.
You should definitely do a RC every time you see your dreamsign (imagine what could happen if you didn’t: “look, my dreamsign! nahh, I already did a RC today” and miss the chance for a LD)
The more, the better, but remember that the most important part of the RC is to question your reality.

RCs or dreamsign work pays off at odd times for me. For instance, last night I had a dream in my childhood home. I noticed that there were trees in the yard that aren’t now there, and became lucid. Right now, I’m not regularly telling myself to recognize this dreamsign (dreams set in my childhood home) but I’ve done it so much now that I often become lucid when something weird happens in a dream of that house.

The RC I like to use is, if I’m doing anything other than sleeping then I’m dreaming.

IMO, you may not see your “dream sign” for long periods of time and you have to be
lucid enough to recognize it.

I just concentrate on being lucid. I tell myself “I’m going for a killer ride and
can’t wait for it to start” keep telling myself that. Kinda like being excited to
go to Disneyland. Worked great last night. I was lucid in many dreams last night
but I was a bit pushy in most and kinda ruined them. Got to excited I guess.

One dream I was watching youtube and waiting for the ad to go away and asked
the guy in the ad “what did he represent” but got no response. Figured cause it
was an ad. But at least I got there and I’ll get better.