Reality checks

last night i had a dream and in that dream i did a reality check, i counted my fingers to see if i was dreaming i counted 11 fingers but it didn’t really click that i was dreaming (face palm) so i just continued on in the dream… i think that it might have been cause in WL i do reality checks already thinking that i am not dreaming… has anyone else had this problem???

Yes, but only one time, after that, I could realised I was dreaming more easy.

Yes, that’s why it’s important to really question reality not just do the action mindlessly…

I have had several dreams lately where I’ve “known” I was awake (“of course I am awake right now!” etc) only to suddenly wake up for real. :tongue:
Never assume that you are awake unless you have undeniable proof of it.

It was common for me when I was trying MILD…I would do an RC perfunctorily and not become lucid. Nowadays I usually become lucid without doing an RC :smile: