Really Freaked out

IM very freaked about the whole Wild procces. I mean its not everyday one would feel vibrations or start to hallucinate. I bet if i got to the last stage and got an out of body experience and i would see myself , i would scary myself to death. Here are some questions .

What are the vibrations like ?

what can you do when you are having an out of body experience and how far can u go from ur body ?

what would be a good way to over come the fear to lucid dreaming ?

If i were to talk to einstein in a lucid dream and ask him aobut the theory of relativity, would it be accurate or would i be making stuff up ?

and last but not least … what are first time lucid experiences like ??


I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can.

I’ve only felt the vibrations a few times, but they are interesting…heh, there kinda hard to describe, I guess they differ from person to person.

The type of OBE associated with WILD is typically just a lucid dream, so you could go anywhere you wanted…in your dream :wink:

If WILD doesn’t appeal to you, there are other ways to induce a lucid dream, like using MILD or RC. Once you’ve had a lucid dream that way, you might not fear trying other methods so much.

Einstein could only tell you what you already know.

It depends how lucid you are. My first lucid dream really wasn’t that great, because I was not very lucid and I woke myself up right away for some reason.
However some people’s first lucid dreams are quite vivid and exciting :smile:

Or he would make something up that doesn’t make any sense.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. You’ll see when you’ve had one yourself. :smile:

  1. What Are Vibrations Like?

It would appear that you think these vibrations are as shaking as going on a crappily constructed travelling fair ground rollercoaster! Quite the ciontrary actually - They are more like vibes running from your toes to your head. It feels, to me, like your body is being dragged over a wave shaped surface to me, but I suppose like all things it differs from person to person.

Nothing to fear!

  1. What can you do when you are having an OBE, and how far can you go?

I’ve never had one, but my research tells me you can go anywhere. I may be confused with Astral Projection, however. this really doesn’t appeal to me, and I’m dead scared! I too think that I would die of fright at seeing myself (I’m not that bad looking, but you know what I mean :tongue: :happy: :tongue: )

  1. What would be a good way to overcome the fear of lucid dreaming?

Remember its all in your head!

  1. What are first time lucid experiences like?

Disappointing. Well, mine was! Its not very realistic for a while. You’ve just got to persevere.

In my experience it feels like a electrical surge going through your body, but it is not painful like a real electrical shock. I actually rather like the feeling now.

You can go as far as you like. My opinion is that a out of body experience is the same as a conscious dream or a lucid dream.
You can basicly do everything that you imagine.

You should realize that everything that is happening is all in your mind and that you cannot be hurt by anything. You can jump down from a skyscraper and still be completly intact.

The dreamcaracther will probably be making stuff up that might sound realistic to you, but it is all bullshit unless you memorized his theories already in real life.

What are the vibrations like ?

Sometimes I can hear strange sounds (cosmic-like VOOOM). I can also always feel like vibrates like in a field full of electricity but it doesnt hurt. My eyes are able to see at the time a green tunnel or something like this, and if i go through it, I am dreaming with awareness of it.

And Lucid Dreaming isn’t dangerous, I have had three of them yet and I am alive and still posting here like you can see now :smile: