Really just a thing of will?


I’ve got a theory and I would like to know what you think about it :content:.

I’ve been lucid dreaming for like 1 3/4 months now, almost 2 and all the time I was constantly wondering why I sometimes got lucid like 3 nights in a row and then not even once in 2 weeks, even though I kept meditating, reality checking and so on all the time.
Then, last night I was in bed early in the morning and I was really frustrated that I had such a good dream recall and such obvious dreamsigns and never got lucid. Then I decided just to fall asleep, “deciding” to have a lucid dream and seeing it as something really really easy. And then, after a few minutes of really exciting scenes about super heroes and parties I got lucid. But it wasnt like I did a reality check or something like that, I immediatly just knew that I was dreaming.
When I woke up from that (pretty short) LD I was recalling what my other lucid dreams were like. Then I realized, that apart from that one WILD I always got lucid by just… knowing it.
I began to ponder how it could be that little kids have lucid dreams so often sometimes… Then I decided:
“You just lucid dream if you decide to do it. All those MILDS e.t.c. just work if you have the mindset while falling asleep that its such a simple thing”.

So what do you think?



Bingo! :yes:
That’s all there is to it.
I always get lucid that way. I never do reality checks. Like you said:
I just get the knowing I am dreaming.

Wish I could do it that easy all the time but I know what you mean. Sometimes I do just ‘decide’ to have a lucid dream b4 i go to bed and occaisonly it works. I never do reality chcks or anything like that I normally just become lucid randomly.

I know this feeling. For example, if I’m practising something and it doesn’t go very well, at some point I just tell myself: from now on, I’ll do it well, or: ok, now seriously :wink: it helps pretty much, but you have to be convinced you can do it; if you are too afraid it won’t work, it probably won’t…

Don’t be convinced you can do it!

KNOW you can do it! :happy: :razz: