Recall getting worser

This days my recall seems to be worser…I don’t know why…I write every dream.
I remmeber one dream in one night and then 2 days with no recall and then another dream…Why is it happening?

well, i would suggest to pay attention to what you do when you have good dream recall, and do that every time. it could be something simple like staying still when you wake up. i know for myself, and for a lot of people too, that even if i shift position after waking up, my dream is already 30% gone. so i like to lay still, think about the dream, and when i know i have it down i’ll transcribe it to paper.

or if it helps, think about the things that you do when you have bad dream recall as well, and compare notes. maybe you eat something, maybe you go to bed at a certain time, or maybe your state of mind when falling asleep is affecting your recall. there are lots of different factors. find what help, do them, and throw off the bad habits that ruin your recall.

hope this helps and good luck! :mrgreen:

Thanks! :smile: