Relieving/Disappointing Dreams

Have you ever had a bad (normal) dream that, upon waking up, you feel very relieved it was just a dream?

Or a really good dream that, when you wake up, you feel disappointed it was just a dream. :sad:

… I had the latter last night. :sad:

I have both of those!! Like those dreams where you get screwed by the cops for nothing and go to jail. or when you move next door to your best friend

Everything was perfect in my dream.
I’ll probably post it in my DJ later…


I don’t know if this is just me or my stressful life, but almost every dream that I wake up remembering is a stressful lie upon lie upon lie. It really does bother me. Whenever I get lucid I like to quickly change that if you know what I mean. :wink:

I had a dream in which I had made a really awesome and vaguely unsettling flash game that was somehow representative of my mental space. At one point I had played it all the way through and kind of sat there in awe for a second, then thought, “It’s good that I made this. This is a really good thing that I’ve done here.”

Needless to say, the process of waking up was a slow progression of disappointments.

Yes and sometimes i wake up from a dream and i’m thinking about it all day

Of course, everyone has dreams like that occasionally.

By disappointing, in your case are you referring to those dreams where you fall in love, only to wake up, heartbroken? In which case, yes, I get those dreams once every couple of months.

My favorite type of normal dream.

Well, when I have really nice dreams, I’m more happy than disappointed. I usually feel good that I was able to experience such nice dreams!

However, a few times I have been happy that it was all just a dream :tongue: Once I dreamt I had to cycle through this drunken, vomiting mass of people to get to school.
Damn was I happy that it was all a dream! :lol:

oh goodness yes. I just had a really good dream the other night and was kind of disappointed when i woke up, but it was still kind of nice to think of throughout the day…

I hate those dreams where you are naked at school and your vision is blur and you are wandering around and can’t do anything about it

I had a dream where i fell in love with this really nice boy needless to say i was disappointed when i woke up :sad:

Many times I have a dream where I feel really disappointed it was just a dream.

For example, I finally got the gaming console I always wanted. And when I woke up, I thought… ah… what… NO!! It felt so real and I really thought it was true :sad:

I’ve experienced the opposite as well. When I was trying to escape from a nightmare all the time and finally succeeded doing so