Remembering to RC

Does anyone have any tips about how to remember or make a habit of RC ing?

You could always just go with the traditional method: remembering to do as many RCs as possible. I’ve tried tying strings around my fingers. You may also want to link your RCs with dreamsigns by telling yourself to do one whenever you witness a recurring dream element IRL.

(And don’t forget to do one whenever you wake up!)

Of course doing them whenever you think of them is great, but it can be hard to remember to do it it the first place :tongue:. One method is to do an RC every time you walk through a door. Also, it doesn’t hurt to do multiple RC’s. Even if you remember doing one 5 minutes ago, how do you know it wasn’t a false memory?

The most important thing you have to do is to doubt reality every single time you do it. In fact, doubt reality at all times. If this is a dream, how would you know unless you test it?