I couldn’t resist making a sticky…

Anyone like Beck?

I feel like a Noob, what is a sticky and Beck?

Hee hee
A sticky a a popular topic. They have little “Splat” icons next to them.

Beck is a brilliant musician. :smile:

It says that Beck had something to do with the Rugrats movie and Nacho Libre what exactly

Not sure, probably a song in the soundtrack.

Wow, he made a lot of things that are in some of my fave movies. :happy:

Beck is great! I loved Sea Changes, I’ve heard that one about 60 times. The Information is really good, although I am having difficulty getting into it, probably because it is so long. I will get into it eventually though.

What’s your thoughts on Guero? I thought it was pretty solid, but with an order of tracks that sort of weakened it up a bit.

Sea Change was his first album I listened to! I love it. Guero may still be my favorite, but I see what you mean by the track order. It’s almost as though all of the most popular songs are at the beginning.

I like Beck. His cover of ‘Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes’ on the ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ soundtrack is beautiful. Midnite Vultures and Seachange are the only albums i’ve heard in full. I do want to hear everything he’s done though as I’ve been interested for the last 11 years :eek:

I haven’t heard that cover! Midnight Vultures and Sea Change were the first two I listened to. After that, I just went to my library’s website and ordered the rest of his albums.

:woah: I was almost 4 years old, 11 years ago…