Retarded while lucid.

I get a LD about once per week. When i am lucid its similar to being drunk. I cant think or control myself and I often end up doing random boring things. Kinda like my dream is a TV-show, with feelings.
If i tell myself “I will do this in my next LD”, I never remember it. Sometimes i do the thing i wished in a dream (LD or ND) few weeks later.

So, how do i learn to think? Things like “tell yourself in the dream to become more lucid” wont work since i don’t remember what to do in my LD.

i thought being lucid in a dream meant having control :huh:

Nope, being lucid only means you are aware that you are dreaming :shy:

Sounds like your only half lucid. Lucidity is when your in the dream and your mind is completely clear, no hazy thoughts, or difficulty focusing. Try bringing yourself into focus, and make a promise to yourself to remember to increase lucidity as soon as you realize your dreaming. Rub your hands together, and focus on the dream, not all the glorious things you can do.

Hope this helps!

It’s a common problem, Writerscube himself stated that at first his thought possiblilities were only 50% (in his first dreams). It’s a matter of getting used to it (with practice being lucid will be just like beong awake), or alternatively, waking up your conscious. This can be done in various ways: after you’ve gained solid lucidity, you can start remembering your name, your address, etc. or doing some math, so that your left brain hemisphere gets a little stetching and can gain control of the dream.

I would say that it’s not about learning to think but about thinking less. In dreaming, we don’t have a heavy physical body to move around, making our distracted mind much more evident.

Learn to be more attentive in daily life and you’ll be more in control in both dreaming and waking life.

You can be in control, but if you don’t have a clear mind your actions will tend to follow your chaotic thoughts.

I heard, and many agree, that the only way to have a solid, lasting and in-control lucid dream is to go to sleep in complete silence of the mind.

I would agree. I ocationally have the same problem: I’m lucid, but doing stupid things.

Thanks for all the hints :smile: I have been trying to tell myself to focus on being lucid instead of doing stuff and it works a few times, but im gonna try harder now.

I’m kind of the same. I struggle with remembering tasks in lucid dreams simply because I’m not used to having any, so in my lucid dreams I tend to do whatever I feel like at the moment. However, I’m improving at it, and I find that meditating on the intention of remembering the task as I fall asleep helps a lot. I also sometimes use a MILD-like technique where I just replace “getting lucid” with “remembering and doing task”.

Grand Speculator has some nice tips there. :smile: If you use induction techniques, you can also combine that with remembering lucid tasks.

Did some MILD with “I will do this in my dream” yesterday and got a nice lucid and vivid dream :smile: Didn’t do anything fun but I remembered to do some tasks like math and rubbing hands and best of all, I could think :smile: Not as good as irl but I’m happy with my step forward.

This has happened in all of my lucids so far. I most of the time immediately have sex, but every time I wake up from it.

There’s your problem right there. Sex is one of the worst things to do in a lucid dream because it will almost always wake you up.

That’s good to know, I feared that my sex dreams are so short because I’m a virgin :content:

It takes time. I would know, as I still act like that. Kinda.

It’s like being awake. One day, you stop being a robot type baby that just does instinctive functions that are programmed in, and you become a toddler. :smile:

Not necessarily. :grin:

Also, if you want to remember to do something in a lucid dream, try writing down what you want to do, IRL. And when you go into a lucid dream, think back to your notes you made on what you want to do. This will focus you more on what you actually want to do, instead of the spur of the moment actions in a dream. If you can’t remember what you wrote down, maybe try memorizing the notes better. IRL. Lol. But you could materialize the notes in the dream, and just check it off the notes after your done. :smile: