Return to the Dreamscape

The last lucid dream I had…
The thought saddened me, and angered me at the same time. I was once so dedicated to lucid dreaming and so happy with it- it was an ongoing-never ending adventure. I learned how to fly, make items appear, teleport, and do virtually anything I put my mind too.
The last time I lucid dreamed, was over a year ago.
I wish to pick up this long lost hobby- as I discovered my old dream journal- and so I ask you, the community- how long do you think it will take me to begin lucid dreaming again? Any suggestions on things I should do in the dreamscape? Have you every had long absences during your lucid adventures?

Thank you for your replies,


It’s different for everyone. Me personally its taken about a couple of weeks but I know of people who can start right where they left off after not LDing for a year. Also motivation is a big factor and the placebo effect is another factor. The faster you think that it’s going to take the faster it is likely going to take. The things you do in LDs is all up to you, whatever you think is fun! Flying has always been fun for me; I also like building roller coasters but again its all up to you!