Returning to Lucid Dreaming

So, I am an involuntary summer lucid dreamer. (involuntary as in i LD only in the summer, rather than all year, which i would like) Last summer was my first time doing it, and i got about 6 lucid dreams, a lot of them came towards the end of summer (perhaps because i was getting better?).
But now I find myself stuck in a spot where I know i can LD, i know how lucid dreaming feels, yet i still can not get back into it. I also used to have really good dream recall last summer (about 3-4 a night), and that too kind of fell apart throughout the year.
The techniques I used were a mixture of reality checks, and MILD, but i tend to just realize that something is weird in my dream, and do a RC after that. Any tips on getting back into LDing, and stuff? Does me going to bed at 4-5am, and waking up at 12-2 pm have anything to do with my downfall?

  • get your dream recall in good shape
  • get more sleep (unless eight to ten hours are enough for you)
  • do some energy work
  • experiment with other induction techniques while keeping a dream journal

That what I do. I’ve had DR issues myself, lately, but fixed them last night by doing this. I hope this helps. :smile:

yes, please visit that link its VERY helpfull for DR and for having a LD.

Ive looked at the confidence thread, and I can see how it would be able to help Lucid dreaming. (I tried it last night, but I don’t think i was confident enough). But to make it work for dream recall, would I be confident that I would remember the dreams? I sort of did that as well last night, by looking through my dream journal, and seeing how I used to remember about 3 a night, and It reminded me of what I was capable of.

Yes, that’s what I meant :smile: