Rollerblades - need some help finding some my size!

I just want a pair of rollerblades I can go around in (why is this so hard!? :angry: ).

If anyone can find rollerblades for AT OR UNDER 80 bucks that are in size 14/15 I’ll buy them.


Sorry, I only ship to Mars.

Seriously, though, you are not living in the centre of the universe.

Doesn’t your nearest skate shop have them? I’m sure they’ll let you order in your size if they don’t have it in stock - it means they’ll get another sale, so they’re not too bright if they won’t. And if you don’t know where the closest skate shop is, you can always look it up in the phone directory.

I’m not sure what country you’re from, but where I live there’s about zero chance of finding rollerblades for 80 dollars, unless you want a pair that will fall apart as soon as you try them on. It’s probably worth saving up a bit more to get a good quality pair that will last for years. The price will be worth it.

I live in WA (usa). I checked online and I can’t even order them on the internet :sad:

on ebay you can get some good second hand ones for that price. I doubt you can find good new ones, unless you can make a very good deal somewhere.

take your pick :smile:

you can also try to search for ‘rollerblades’ on

I have some roces rollerblades for sale, but it is not your size :razz:

I saw that Roces makes rollerblades in my size, but they don’t ship to USA. sigh.

Thanks for the advice… I might see if I can get some ordered today (if not I might try ebay)

Edit: I found some size 14 on ebay, but no 15s :sad:

and in froogle?

size 15, that is like so big? i have size 8?..

Have you ever watched the Daily show?

(You could make them yourself, get them custom made for over $80)
Some sports equiptment stores might carry large sizes if you ask them, but I doubt it will be under $80.

wow! i thought i was the only one with this problem, had to give up rollerblading (and ice skating strangely enough) when i outgrew a size 12… looked everywhere (skate shop-wise) for a pair in a fifteen, no such luck.
best of luck to you! lemme know if you find any eh? i wouldn’t mind having a pair again.
i just hope we dont end up in an ebay bid war! :lmao: