Ruined my chance.......

Since I don’t have enough sleep hours during a regular weekday, because of school, I tired it yesterday (since I don’t have school today). I said I was gonna do a WILD/WBTB method. I wake 90 mins later and I didn’t set my alarm again because I didn’t like waking up every 90 mins. Anyway, I wake up naturally again but, go back to sleep doing WILD. I fall asleep and nothing happens. I wake up again naturally again and try MILD. I start saying “When I dream, I will realize that I am dreaming”. At around the 3rd time I said that. My vision turned completely white(my eyes were closed),I heard a super weird buzz sound, my body started to shake and vibrate, and I had the weirdest feeling that I was falling and then suddenly it changed to a lifting sensation. I knew they were all signs that I was going into a lucid dream. I got really excited and I didn’t know if I was dreaming already so …I opened my eyes. Stupidest thing. I was just entering a dream I guess. I open my eyes and did RC checks but I already knew I wasn’t dreaming. I guess I should have kept repeating what I was saying into I was fully in the dream. Now that I think about isn’t this my body going into SP THEN LD??

Summer vacation= trying to LD everyday!

I don’t think you need to open your eyes anyway, you should start to see images inside your head, until its almost real then you can just enter your dream, I think, I have not done this before so I can’t be totally sure.