Scared of Lucid Dreaming Help me out PLEASE

Ok so i have been reading about lucid dreaming for awhile and at first it seemed to be a good idea and like it was gonna be fun. But then i saw posts about scary and demonic hallucinations. Now being the person i am i have had experience with spirits and those things, i am scared stiff about going into sleep paralysis and seeing those things. I dont know if this makes sense but can anybody help me? Also one more thing. I have been using reality checks the past couple days and the technique i plan to use is the count technique where i saw “1 im dreaming, 2 im dreaming 3 im dreaming” until i reach 100 then i get up and do a reality check and if it fails then i count 20 more and if that fails then i just sleep and give up for the night. Im just rambling by now…

The scary and demonic hallucinations aren’t actually related to lucid dreaming, but a different thing known as old hag. Occasionally someone will wake up partially but still be paralyzed and hallucinate a creature sitting on their chest, but this is not caused by lucid dreaming. In fact, lucid dreaming can help you control these hallucinations. Don’t be afraid, they’re significantly less likely than ordinary nightmares, so you shouldn’t be any more scared of Old Hag than of regular nightmares.

What are the chances of the Old Hag actually appearing. I am one to be easily scared. how long would it last. I feel terrified right now still. Is there a way to go into LD without having Sleep Paralysis?

after reading more about it i am going getting more fearful. I am too the point of not even sleeping tonight. As i said, i am easily scared. At this point i am thinking about not even attempting it.

Old hag is as likely as it was for every other time you’ve slept, although it tends to be more common if you’re sleeping at a time that you don’t normally, such as naps when you don’t normally nap. Seriously, the fear is worth what’s in your dreams. Nothing is free of fear, that doesn’t mean you should avoid everything.

I understand this. But other fear doesnt envolve sleeping. But this one revolves around sleeping.

Ok I have some things you are going to like to hear,

  1. Guys the scientific name for this is not the old hag it’s sleep paralysis and its basically what your body does so that you cannot act out your dreams in the real world, that is why people can sleep walk and speak in there sleep because there sleep paralysis is not working.
  2. The only reason why you hallucinate is because you are in the pre-sleep stage and if you have never had SP naturally then you will never get it for most types of lucid dreaming techs but some increase and in some cases significantly increase the changes of getting sleep paralysis.
  3. reality checking is not one of them, nor is any mentioned on this thread.
  4. I know what you guys are going to love because you all seem scared of SP when it’s 100% natural and cannot hurt you, the way to get out of sp by choice :cool:. Scrunch up you face and sleep paralysis will stop, now that’s not what you should do because also on the other hand sleep paralysis is the best place to have a long and vivid lucid dream, or astral project if you believe it that. Anyway yeah trust me if you just close your eyes in sleep paralysis, 1 you won’t see these unreal 'terrifying demons ’ and you can also start observing imagery which will turn into a dream, and it’s proven to be the most vivid types of lucid dreams because there is no lapse of consciousness, in normal talk that means instead of waking up in a dream, you are already wide awake in the dream so you are basically more awake.
  5. I thought I would throw in a extra for you guys by saying that sleep paralysis can effect all 5 senses or 1 sense or anything in between. But the most common one is sight and the least common 1 is smell, simply because you are scared shitless that a monster is about to kill you :smile: but use my methods and SP is fun and relaxing because what I didn’t tell you is that if you don’t panic 99% of the time the hallucinations are nice like one time a cat came through my window and laid on me, that also turned out to be a good LD, on the other hand I had a SP experience where a zombie came and start getting closer and closer to my neck to bite me( too much walking dead for me) but in the end I’m still ok, so don’t worry.

Also if you want more help, tips and facts about SP, lucid dreaming and maybe astral projection ( the trouble is I’m a science guy) then make sure to check out my channel when it’s first animated video is posted there which I’m working on this weekend, I will post a thread when the information is available for all.
Have a good dream (or SP if you choose to give it a shot)!

Tatami, just calm down.

Sleep paralysis happens every night. Every time you have a dream. This is a natural function of the human body. It keeps you from falling out of bed or from hurting yourself. Usually you don’t notice sleep paralysis at all, since it ends at the same time as the dream does, or even earlier.

The problems happen when the sleep paralysis lasts for more time than the dream does. That is when you notice it. Technically, you are still asleep and that’s why you might see hallucinations. This doesn’t happen frequently, though. I awake in SP only around 1 time in a couple of months.

Now don’t freak out, I’ve got some really nice recommendations. I’ll split that into two sections:

I. You are afraid of SP and want to end it immediately
That may be your normal reaction. Everyone is afraid when they feel something they haven’t experienced before. Everyone is afraid the first few times (I was too), so the natural reaction is to panic. In this case, panic doesn’t help. Here is a few steps that will safely get you out of SP without any problems:

  1. Relax, calm down. Panic will make things worse. When you relax, you don’t try to move and thus, you don’t feel the paralysis sensation. Simply stop for a few seconds, acknowledge the fact that you are in SP and you want to get out of it. Whatever sights you see, whatever noises you hear, ignore them. They can do NOTHING to you, they are harmless. They are your local brain’s cinema movie, they are passive and you are in control. Thus, you can safely do your own business of getting out of SP without caring about anything else. In fact, simply by relaxing, you might end the SP instantly. If that doesn’t work, however, follow step two.
  2. Start slowly moving your fingers and toes. Slowly and calmly. This will signal your body that you are awake and that sleep paralysis should end. If that doesn’t work, relax for a few more seconds and try again. Gradually, you should be able to move all of your limbs and you will be out of SP.

That’s it. That’s all you need to get out of SP.

II. You are used to the feeling of SP and are NOT afraid of it
Sleep paralysis can be used to get a LD. That’s why I really like it. You don’t have to go through all those MILD mantras, you don’t have to go through the WILD nonsense. You are ALREADY asleep, which means that you are just basically one step away from a LD. Waking up in SP can be really lucky.
If you want to have an awesome LD, follow these steps:

  1. Relax. This is important. You want to clear your mind and get into REM sleep state easily. That is easy to do when you are relaxed.
  2. Relax more. You will slowly drift away to sleep again, provided you are still somewhat tired. Relax your body, but keep your consciousness. You don’t want to lose it.
  3. You should be gradually seeing more and more visual sensations and you should be hearing various sounds. It should start of as some simple bright flashes, accompanied by buzzing sounds, similar to those of a broken radio.
  4. These sensations will start becoming more vivid and vivid. You might start recognizing various objects or scenery. The sounds will also become discernible - a car driving, a person talking, the wind rushing etc.
  5. Don’t do anything yet, wait for the dream to form completely. Wait until you have a dream body, until you can see the scene clearly.
  6. Slowly look at your hands and rub them together. Feel the ground, feel some kind of object. That will stabilize the dream.
  7. That’s it, go on with your LD duties.

Hope this helps.
Don’t let your body be in control of you - you are in control of the body. Don’t let the devil scare you, scare the devil.

Thank you everybody for your help. I am not that scared of Sleep paralysis (I did sleep tonight dont worry :tongue: ) Last night i just sat and relaxed and i noticed i started to fall into a dreaming sensation. I only heard slight noises but i began to see flashing lights and faces and eyes. Unfortunatley i stopped myself. But i will probably try this again tonight. :smile: anyways thanks

That was HH, which is the same thing as the “Old Hag”. So now you can say that you had HH and it wasn’t scary! The only “problem” with seeing scary things is if you let yourself be afraid, then they tend to grow. But if you laugh in their face they usually fade. Anyway, I’ve had HH many times and have NEVER had anything scary, so have fun!


I actually remember a dream where I had the Old Hag experience. It was incredibly scary, I’ll admit that. However, despite how scary it was (I think I was actually in a dream, it wasn’t sleep paralysis or waking hallucinations) it allowed me to jump straight into an actual vivid lucid dream. One of the only ones I’ve had where the colors were brilliant and full of LIFE.

It was almost like because I had faced that terrifying creature it actually made the lucid dream come more easily. After that, the scary stuff doesn’t seem quite as scary.

So face your fear, because sometimes just showing yourself you can come face to face with something and live (haha :wink: ) to tell about it can get you somewhere.