Scared of WILD :S

i need help, im scared of wild. idk know but i just get scared when my body is about to sleep. tips? :neutral:


Hi huse :wave:

SP is a natural part of sleep, however to consciously experience it may be hard :silent:

However if you focus on counting or something when lying STILL the SP will not be so easily noted. However it might take some tries before getting used to SP.

Fears can disappear, but face this fear slowly and dont rush, eventually you should get through SP Quite easily :wink:

It’s just a case of practicing and getting used to it. It can be pretty fun at one point! As ghostie said, just take it easy, experiment a little and take baby steps, you don’t have to go any further than what you’re comfortable until you’re ready :smile:

Are you afraid of all the weird feelings or is it more of a fear you’ll see scary monsters and things like that?

Hey thanks for the answers. Mattias, the feelings im scared of. BTW, i tried WILD this morning, and i got an OBE. It was kindof scary, but i will try it more times. And i did not lucid because i just wanted to try the OBE. Thanks for helping.


And yea, i felt my eyes shaking and it was like my arms got thru my body.

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I see. congrats on your experience :tongue:

The first thing is to realize that nothing in the WILD transition can hurt you. It doesn’t make things any less weird but you should know you are totally safe. You can’t get hurt, you can’t die and you can’t get stuck!

One thing I like to do is to aproach the whole thing with a spirit of adventure! I try to be brave and face it! :tongue:

For me, I only get the feelings in WILD very rarely. Most of the times I simply slip into the dream. But I’ve also felt like my body was being stretched and bent in very unnatural ways :lol: It was weird and uncomfortable, but I couldn’t help being fascinated by it!

Good luck :wink: