Screaming MILD

After trying MILD a few times, I began to wonder how I could improve it. Visualizations are great, but I remembered that louder things make way more of an impression on the brain. I wasn’t going to sleep while screaming, though, so I mentally shouted my mantra.


And it worked. Can anyone else relate? Did I miss something, unaware that I was supposed to do this anyway?

When You say mantra, you have to believe in what you say and speak as if you were speaking to other person rather than the ‘wall’. Screaming in way satisfies both points, so yeah i guess that is a good method, which I’m going to try myself :wink:

Excellent! That makes sense.

“I wasn’t going to sleep while screaming”
Sorry but this made me laugh. I was picturing someone trying to do a MILD while screaming, ahahahaha!

Great idea, I’ll try it out.