Scribes needed :) Apply within.

I’d like to be a librarian! :smile:

Thanks for your interest :smile:

We are just sorting out the library right now, so I’ll PM you when we have finnished.

I am going to work on it this weekend :smile:

i would love to help out and contribute what i can.


I’m afraid you need 50 posts before you are accepted. You’re almost there, come back when you have enough–we could use some more active librarians. :cool:

Thanks sisokogotai!
Yes, you need 50 post, but you are almost there, I’m sure when techno is around he’ll add you to the usergroup and you can start librarianizing :smile:

heh just my luck, got fifty today!
if and when you need my help i will be more then happy to contribute when and where i can.

c’est la vie


Great! We need help, as the last topic released was on Dec. 24, 2004!!

i’ll be a librarian and the best one you’ve ever had

When you get 50 posts.

Thanks for your brief application; that is my brief answer. We expect 50 posts from a forum member until they can become librarians.

Note that posts in the Playground and Wolfgame tdo not contribute to your post count.

ha ok i’ll work on that :scared:

i 'ld like to be a librarian please :cool_laugh: plz dont make me :cry:


I’d love to help out too! If you still need anybody that is… I’d be more than happy to help archive some stuff!

what r3m0t means acolyte: you have to have 50 posts at least to become a librarian :smile: So please come back later :smile:

madhatter: happy to have you onboard! I’ll add you to the usergroup right away :smile:

How would one go about becoming a researcher? That’s something i’d really be interested too, seeing as I’m still researching myself!

if you want to be a researcher, go to “usergroups”, click on “researchers” and apply to join. The researcher group moderator (Atheist) will then add you :smile:

I would love to be a librarian. I have alot of free time and I usually always browse the forum for hours. I have alot of knowledge on LD’s despite me bieng a low ranked member of this site. Also I think I could help alot due to the fact that i wouldnt just be browsing the forum aimlessly i would be helping out with the new library idea. Hopefully I can help.

r3m0t type!! type!! :wink: lol

thanks for your application sir sleeps a lot. However, atm i don’t think you will be a suitable librarian.
You need to be a member for a longer while, and also have contributed with some useful posts - right now the majority of your posts is one sentence long.

Hi, I am back and I wish to become a Librarian. I feel I can strongly help the forum and am willing to put a lot of time into compiling guides/tutorials. I can help finish the VILD tutorial (who better?) and I would like to begin a RC Tutorial as well. A lot of people on the forum would appreciate a good visualisation skills guide too.

I would like to work with the other librarians when bringing all the information together. There is so much info on here I really want to be part of bringing it together constuctively.

I appreciate the fact that librarians are required to be active users so I do not expect to become one straight away. I would like to be considered though as I am going to be a lot more active now.