Scribes needed :) Apply within.

Thanks sisokogotai!
Yes, you need 50 post, but you are almost there, I’m sure when techno is around he’ll add you to the usergroup and you can start librarianizing :smile:

heh just my luck, got fifty today!
if and when you need my help i will be more then happy to contribute when and where i can.

c’est la vie


Great! We need help, as the last topic released was on Dec. 24, 2004!!

i’ll be a librarian and the best one you’ve ever had

When you get 50 posts.

Thanks for your brief application; that is my brief answer. We expect 50 posts from a forum member until they can become librarians.

Note that posts in the Playground and Wolfgame tdo not contribute to your post count.

ha ok i’ll work on that :scared:

i 'ld like to be a librarian please :cool_laugh: plz dont make me :cry:


I’d love to help out too! If you still need anybody that is… I’d be more than happy to help archive some stuff!

what r3m0t means acolyte: you have to have 50 posts at least to become a librarian :smile: So please come back later :smile:

madhatter: happy to have you onboard! I’ll add you to the usergroup right away :smile:

How would one go about becoming a researcher? That’s something i’d really be interested too, seeing as I’m still researching myself!

if you want to be a researcher, go to “usergroups”, click on “researchers” and apply to join. The researcher group moderator (Atheist) will then add you :smile:

I would love to be a librarian. I have alot of free time and I usually always browse the forum for hours. I have alot of knowledge on LD’s despite me bieng a low ranked member of this site. Also I think I could help alot due to the fact that i wouldnt just be browsing the forum aimlessly i would be helping out with the new library idea. Hopefully I can help.

r3m0t type!! type!! :wink: lol

thanks for your application sir sleeps a lot. However, atm i don’t think you will be a suitable librarian.
You need to be a member for a longer while, and also have contributed with some useful posts - right now the majority of your posts is one sentence long.

Hi, I am back and I wish to become a Librarian. I feel I can strongly help the forum and am willing to put a lot of time into compiling guides/tutorials. I can help finish the VILD tutorial (who better?) and I would like to begin a RC Tutorial as well. A lot of people on the forum would appreciate a good visualisation skills guide too.

I would like to work with the other librarians when bringing all the information together. There is so much info on here I really want to be part of bringing it together constuctively.

I appreciate the fact that librarians are required to be active users so I do not expect to become one straight away. I would like to be considered though as I am going to be a lot more active now.


Welcome back. I’ll make you a librarian :smile:

Things are running slow in the library at the moment. Does anyone else want to be a librarian? :smile:

What sort of info has to be compiled in the library now?

Have a look here: