Scribes needed :) Apply within.

I would love to be a librarian. I have alot of free time and I usually always browse the forum for hours. I have alot of knowledge on LD’s despite me bieng a low ranked member of this site. Also I think I could help alot due to the fact that i wouldnt just be browsing the forum aimlessly i would be helping out with the new library idea. Hopefully I can help.

r3m0t type!! type!! :wink: lol

thanks for your application sir sleeps a lot. However, atm i don’t think you will be a suitable librarian.
You need to be a member for a longer while, and also have contributed with some useful posts - right now the majority of your posts is one sentence long.

Hi, I am back and I wish to become a Librarian. I feel I can strongly help the forum and am willing to put a lot of time into compiling guides/tutorials. I can help finish the VILD tutorial (who better?) and I would like to begin a RC Tutorial as well. A lot of people on the forum would appreciate a good visualisation skills guide too.

I would like to work with the other librarians when bringing all the information together. There is so much info on here I really want to be part of bringing it together constuctively.

I appreciate the fact that librarians are required to be active users so I do not expect to become one straight away. I would like to be considered though as I am going to be a lot more active now.


Welcome back. I’ll make you a librarian :smile:

Things are running slow in the library at the moment. Does anyone else want to be a librarian? :smile:

What sort of info has to be compiled in the library now?

Have a look here:

I would very much like to be a librarian :content: but i’ve only been here a matter of days so i guess it would be best if i waited a while? I do research every day as im very keen on LD and love this forum!! :tongue: I spend upwards of 6 hours a day on here just reading peoples techniques, experiences and seeing what people are like! :happy:

lol ash ur addicted i feel proud to have told anth who told u :razz:

Yep i can’t get enough of it :tongue:

Welcome to the library :smile:

I would love to be in the librarian group. I’m a fast typer so that won’t be a problem… it’ll be a perfect chance to get to know the techniques thoroughly aswell!

Whats the liberians `?


It’s closed now anyway isn’t it? Like you can’t apply.

I could definitly submit some articles which I am meaning to write, once I write them I’ll submit them :smile:

on the contrary :smile: You are welkcome to apply :happy:

The librarians corner is now a private forum only librarians can access. If it becomes buzzing with activity again, i’ll reopen it for all members to view. (you can post in there only when you are a librarian)

Ilovelucid, I love lucidity too :content:

Would you like to become a librarian?

:smile: yes