Scribes needed :) Apply within.

Hmmm… I know a lot about some things and very little on other things… if that makes sense to any of you :content: could I qualify? :neutral:

(Everybody: If you want to find out who is a librarian, go to “Usergroups” at the top, find “Librarians” on one of the drop-downs, press “View Information”, and read the list).

Whoo whoo new title for me! I is da well 1337! :tongue: No, only joking.

Edit: Now you can also click on the “Librarians” link on the left side of any librarian’s post. :smile:

hi stargazer :smile:

Well if you have a lot of spare times on your hands and you like going through old topics and like compiling and collecting the most useful posts - and order those into a readable topic, then yes, you qualify :happy:

Be a librarian!

I’ve just been “at it” for about 10 hours and it’s been great fun.

Wow I would love to be a librarian, but unforunately I’m back at school right now…

but however… good luck with that idea! :happy:

I’m at school and no problems here! :razz:

Hello r3m0t, i want to be part of the librarian list. I’ve been thinking on writing a tutorial on how to use “the high pitch sound” to induce OBEs.

Or atleast if i can’t be a librarian then maybe i could still write up the tutorial.

I would love to help you with this,I go through old topics anyways so why not make an FAQ on them :content:

Ugh, I wish I could join too, but I doubt I’d have the time… aside from weekends. Erm… can you like half sign me up? Heh…

ahmad: for writing your own tutorial it isn’t necessary to be a librarian. Everybody is welcome to write tutorials :smile:

the reason i brought the librarians in is to collect already posted information and make tutorials/faq’s etc. out of that.

so for now i didnt add you to the librarians.

biohazard, you have been added to the librarians :smile:

neo: i can sign you up and you can work at your projects when you have time. Sounds OK to you? :smile:

Lol, i have too much free time, I’d like to join then =D

OK stargazer! :happy:


Well, I know I’m super new around here, but I’m a HUGE dream journal buff. I’m all about da dream journal. And I’ve been doing some research about them for a tutorial I was already writing anyway, but I’d love the opportunity to explore this site and dig for info on said topic and compile it into a nice big tutorial but I wouldn’t use run on sentences like I’m doing right nooooow. :grin:

Anyway, just reply or PM me if you wanna talk more about this, or get to know me better or whatever. I’d really love to help you out here, ESPECIALLY after what you and Jeffers did for us marooned DV members.



oops I are too sloooooooow

Hmm… You drive a hard bargin, but I’ll take it! :content: Thanks.

EDIT: Could you make replying allowed in the Library section, so people can apply for projects? Seems much more organized, I’m not sure where I apply for a job now, so I guess I’ll do it here. I’d be willing do miscellaneous ILDs guide, possibly with another Librarian?

EDIT2: Is there a private Library section yet? Because is would be very usefull to talk to other Lirbrarians and see which ILDs deserve their own guide and which fit into mILDs (the m stands for cool! And miscellaneous, but mostly cool.)

EDIT3: Notice how I just keep adding edits instead of adding a new post, which would add to my posts. Hm? Now thats responsibility for ya. :tongue:

OpheliaBlue: sounds great! I’ve added you to the librarians group so you can work in peace and quiet on the dream diary project :smile: Thanks, i appreciate it :smile:

Allrighty Neo, welcome to the librarians club, and yes, there is a separate librarians forum for the librarians - you’ll notice it now you are a librarian.

This is a gr8 idea Q, i was wondering when it was going to be introduced :razz: this site is so huge there must be thousands of pages you can use :happy: i would offer to join up but my time is limited and i am on dail up which makes it a pain lol. But good Luck :happy:

i would like these librarians to make a file for me, a huge database of all the methods there are of inducing a lucid dream, and explainations of how to do them


Well, eventually you might get it.
We have a misc. ILDs guide and we have a WILD and MILD one too. And recall, and dream journals. I think it tells you in the library.

You do realise more people will join then will actually contribute to this? It may seem like a good idea to them at the time, but they’ll end up getting bored…

None the less, I’d like to join (and I’d stay with it :wink:). I wrote a brief tutorial to introduce people to LD’ing. When I posted them up on other forums, I got a great response (many actually had one or two LD’s after reading it and trying out the techs).

I’m a good writer, have a fair amount of experince and know alot (as in alot) about LD’ing…

Neat idea Q!

Will you be mad if I copy it when DV gets back up and running? We’ve got so much stuff just lying around gathering dust and cobwebs. Sounds like an innovative way to recover all that lost knowledge.