Scribes needed :) Apply within.

Hi everybody,

The forum has grown and grown. A lot of useful information resides within it but can be hard to find sometimes.

Here the LD4all knowledge base comes in. The purpose is to collect useful information, compiled in tutorials, FAQ’s and articles. By LD4all members, for LD4all members.

There the scribes come in.

They have the task of compiling FAQ’s and tutorials from the amazing amount of information we already have around.

The Scribes have their own private forum where they can discuss their projects (who does what, etc.).

On the tutorial forum they also have posting/deleting/editing rights - where all other users are only be able to read.

If you would like to participate in this, please sign in by replying to this post.

If you want to know more about being a scribe on LD4all read this guide


While I appreciate everyones enthousiasm and efforts to be a scribe, since this is all on voluntary basis, after all :smile: Not everyone is automatically added to the group. (To prevent the scribes group from becoming just a “gimmick” to have an extra icon below your name)

Everyone who wants to join is therefore considered by the Head Scribe (me, for now :tongue: ). If you apply, please state the reason why you want to join, and if you already have an idea on a tutorial you want to make. (and if you have, what you would want to make)

Apply if you:* Love going through old post and collect useful material

  • Like writing
  • can work together well with other scribes
  • Have been a member for some time
  • Have made at least 50 useful posts

exceptions to these points can be made at the discretion of the head librarian.

If you already have written a very good tutorial/post/article about something it’s also possible to have that moved into the knowledge base. If you post something good in the forum, it can be moved. So don’t apply with finished articles :wink:

Thank you!

Does that mean I have to change my signature? (Edit: Turned it off for this post!)

Only joking. Seriously though, I’de like to apply.

Will they be general documents or sort of summaries quoting original posts?

great r3m0t :thumbs:

the way i see it it is mostly a compilation of useful posts and replies into one topic. For example a BIG WILD FAQ and a big WILD tutorial compiled from all the BIG WILD topics, etc.

the work is in scanning and reading all posts and exerpting the useful bits and then compiling them into something easily readable.

I could join, but I don’t really know it I have enough time at the moment since I have lots of stuff in school :sad: But if you can’t find enough people, I could join :content:

hi Jarod, OK, I’ll keep you on the backup list then :wink: If you have spare time on your hands and feel like joining, drop me a PM and i put you into the librarians group :content:

I’ll join if ya want.

it is not a matter of me wanting you to join, but of you wanting to join - and having the time to compile the tutorials etc :smile:

so if that is the case you are very welcome :smile:

Oh ya, I’d like to, and I have plenty of time on my hands :happy:

Hmmm… I know a lot about some things and very little on other things… if that makes sense to any of you :content: could I qualify? :neutral:

(Everybody: If you want to find out who is a librarian, go to “Usergroups” at the top, find “Librarians” on one of the drop-downs, press “View Information”, and read the list).

Whoo whoo new title for me! I is da well 1337! :tongue: No, only joking.

Edit: Now you can also click on the “Librarians” link on the left side of any librarian’s post. :smile:

hi stargazer :smile:

Well if you have a lot of spare times on your hands and you like going through old topics and like compiling and collecting the most useful posts - and order those into a readable topic, then yes, you qualify :happy:

Be a librarian!

I’ve just been “at it” for about 10 hours and it’s been great fun.

Wow I would love to be a librarian, but unforunately I’m back at school right now…

but however… good luck with that idea! :happy:

I’m at school and no problems here! :razz:

Hello r3m0t, i want to be part of the librarian list. I’ve been thinking on writing a tutorial on how to use “the high pitch sound” to induce OBEs.

Or atleast if i can’t be a librarian then maybe i could still write up the tutorial.

I would love to help you with this,I go through old topics anyways so why not make an FAQ on them :content:

Ugh, I wish I could join too, but I doubt I’d have the time… aside from weekends. Erm… can you like half sign me up? Heh…

ahmad: for writing your own tutorial it isn’t necessary to be a librarian. Everybody is welcome to write tutorials :smile:

the reason i brought the librarians in is to collect already posted information and make tutorials/faq’s etc. out of that.

so for now i didnt add you to the librarians.

biohazard, you have been added to the librarians :smile:

neo: i can sign you up and you can work at your projects when you have time. Sounds OK to you? :smile:

Lol, i have too much free time, I’d like to join then =D

OK stargazer! :happy: