Self Hypnosis

Yesterday i found out you can do self hypnosis to make yourself fall asleep. I tried it and it worked! So my question is if anyone has done self hypnosis to actually become lucid in dream?

Atleast i haven’t, where did you get this method, i sometimes have a bit trouble to sleep so this would be awesome.


I have been looking into self hypnosis because i heard it can help to LD.
It actually helped me a lot remembering my dreams and i even got an LD after doing it but i can’t say it’s because of that.

Ask me any questions you want if you need.


I was wondering that isnt selfhypnosis kinda same as the mantra that youre supposed to do when youre going to sleep. Like “when I wake up, Ill remember my dreams”. Ect. Or is it more effective to become lucid or to remember your dreams?

Ive got a question indeed :wink: What method of self-hypnosis did you use? I’m new to this topic…

I will try to explain

It is not a mantra itself but it will help if you repeat one afterward.
So self-hypnosis is an hypnosis method but you do it alone.
Once you are in hypnosis state, you are more easly influenced wich is exactly what you want when you use any technique such as MILD.

In this way you will be more convinced that you can know that you are in a dream everytime you are in one by telling yourself that.

Let me tell you how I do it :

1)Get in your bed before sleeping or whenever you want
2)Relax! and close your eyes
3)Imagine something going down (like stairs or a rope or a lift) and imagine you are on the 10th stair/floor wich is the top.
4)tell yourself that you are going to count from 10 to 0 and when you will reach 0 you will be in a self hypnosis state. (you gotta really mean it )
5)Then start the count down at 10 and imagine yourself at the top of what you imagined
6)At each number, visualize yourself going 1 step/floor down.
7)for the first steps, tell yourself first that you are in your bed and you feel good, that you are safe.
At each step you go down, tell yourself that you are more and more relaxed and that your body feel heavier
:cool:continue counting down and keep imagining yourself going down and tell yourself that you are in peace, that your body feel warmer at each step…
9)remember yourself that when you will reach 0, you will be in self hypnosis.
10)When you reach 0, tell yourself with conviction that your are in self hypnosis.
11) Check that you are by imagining and telling yourself that one of your hand is getting lighter and lighter.
If you did it well, your hand will go up by itself (that freaked me out the first time because i wasn’t expecting it to work :tongue: )
If it didn’t work, try to relax again and focus more on your hand.
Doing a small countdown can help like :

in 3 sec, my hand will go up.
3, 2, 1, 0 My hand has neverbeen so light and go up.

Something like that might help
Then you can have some fun with your body (not really useful for LD’s but still fun to experience how much you can control yourself :happy: )

Now the LD helping part.
You should be in the state and from there you can tell you anything like mantras.
Try to be positive and admit that you can LD.

I give you some examples :

-I am a lucid dreamer and i get lucid in every dream
-I can tell i am dreaming everytime that i am.
-My dreams are really vivids and i remember them perfectly
-I will wake up after every dreams and do …

Then tell yourself that you are going to get out of that state in 3 sec and that you will be fully relaxed and ready to sleep.
Then count down and open yours eyes slowly. Stretch and go to sleep.

I hope it will help you as it helped me. Feel free to ask any questions.

And good luck fellow LDers :content:

Thank you for the explanation ! I’ll try that this week !

Glad to help!

Let me know how it worked for you :smile:

Ye. Must try. :smile:

Wow this sounds super interesting! Im gonna try this tonight

Tried this last night and wasnt succesful, but ill keep trying to master this. Sounds so promising.

I tried that last night, as soon as I got to bed. I rushed the last few levels, but when I got down I got very vivid HI (and normally I have almost none) and I felt like when you’re about to get SP. Then I got out of it.

That’s good! Try to not rush though, it can take some time.

About the HI, it can happen because going so deep relaxed can get you in interesting states.

But keep going and keep me up :smile: