Senses Initiated Lucid Dream (SSILD)

Your physical condition made it harder to achieve success, but sounds like you are on the right track anyway :smile: When doing SILD, remember it is not necessary to stay completely motionless. You should feel as comfortable as possible, as long as you don’t fall asleep before finishing the cycles. Stopping “intentionally” in middle of it is actually okay though.

It is perfectly fine to move somewhat during the exercise, swallowing included. In fact, at step 3c, where one scans for body sensations, one may do it so aggressively to the point she actually moves the physical body. While this is not encouraged as you may lose sleep, it is indeed fine and works equally well.

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Yes you should do whatever to fall asleep quickly. For me that means completely throw away everything and just DO it, but people may differ. No need to chant mantras and telling yourself you will be LDing later. That job has been done by the cycles. Just go to sleep, as quickly as possible. The quicker you can fall asleep, the easier it is for this to work. If you do plenty of repetitions and fall asleep quickly enough, chances are you will experience the strange sensation which you wake up suddenly into a trance with a very clear and alert mind. It feels like miracle. :smile:

I tried this as well. Like mattias I was pretty tired last night and had a harder time concentrating. I did notice vastly increased DR and vividness and a slightly more aware thought process. Definitely seems worth pursuing .

Thank you for trying, Rhewin. Like I said in my other reply to you, I’m hoping together we can refine this promising method!

My suggestion to you is do NOT try this without enough rest, or you may experience anxiety during the exercise. Also do not “concentrate”. In fact, you should do the opposite! Just do it in a lazy, relaxed manner for optimal result. :smile:

well i tried this two times and it worked both times but after 5-6 sec of LD ing i wake up in my bed full of vibrations and strange sound in my head that stays until i get up and that wasn’t FA i RC ed upon waking up

This technique seems very interesting :smile: The only difficult part for me could be falling asleep quickly. Whenever I intentionally try to fall asleep I’m all tense(in mind, not body) and it takes ages. But I guess it can be mastered with practice and experience.

LOL, sounds like you got the effects all overlapped :smile: When LDing, please try not to focus your attention to yourself; instead, focus on your surroundings. Otherwise you may end up being thrown back to bed with FA… of course, your case is kinda different…

Don’t worry about that. The cycling of the senses, if done correctly, can pretty much push you to the edge of falling asleep. And if you have trouble letting go and fall asleep quickly, it is perfectly okay to do it slowly. Just remember, in this case you may drift into a FA without even noticing it. In some instances, you are still awake but your mind/body has already been fully prepped for an OBE. At this point all you need is a bit intention to trigger it. This of course, does require practice.

Hy cosmic.iron! I’m very glad that you joined this forum, I hope you’ll share as much knowledge as possible! :content: I just want to learn!

As I was reading your post it reminded me on FILD tech and I wanted to ask you but I saw in later posts that you mention some similarities so I guess that my guess was a good guess! :grin:

Ok, I like this tech a lot in theoretical way[I yet have to try it] because I do wake up for WBTB every night and my primary tech is WILD, but I combine it with few other techs and I agree with you on the relaxation topic…

So this tech won’t vary a lot from my previous tech that I use and I gave myself at least a week to see if new tech works at all but from what I’ve read it should start to work much faster. So I will keep my progress for next 7 days in this topic in next post.

Thank you for sharing this and welcome! :welcome:

Sounds pretty interesting! Great technique. Only problem is that I can’t force myself to wake up after 5-6 hours, because if I do so, I will never fall asleep again. I have deep insomnia.

But if I wake up by accident, I might as well do it :smile: I’ll post in this thread when I get to use this technique!

Thank you so much! I am quite pleased with my experience on this forum so far. People seem very nice :smile:

The FILD tech does share a lot of similarities with SILD. You can actually replace step 3c with FILD… just don’t do it for too long.

One of my favorite features of SILD is the many levels of backup plans:

  1. You enter a trance while doing the exercise. This is WILD.
  2. If no.1 fails, you fall asleep then wake up at some point later and enter trance. This is kind of an automatic DEILD.
  3. If no. 2 fails, you become lucid in your dreams. This is DILD.
  4. If all else fails you are still very likely to encounter a FA. It requires more skill to utilize it but that’s better than nothing :smile:

As you gain more experience with SILD, you will come to trust its results. Then it will become very simple. With minimal work and without losing sleeps, you will be able to enjoy LD/OBE almost any time you want. In the few months since SILD’s release, quite a few participants learned to induce LDs on a daily basis, and have since recorded hundreds of LDs. Quite impressive indeed! I hope this will work for you as well. Good luck! :smile:

Sorry for your insomnia… that’s painful indeed :sad: Depend on your sleep cycle, you can try SILD before you go to sleep. Some of the guys on my forum actually managed to achieve some good results. If you do wake up by accident, I suggest you to do it in a less intensive way – reduce the number of repetitions, only passively scan for body sensations, etc.

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Alright :content:

Tried it again last night, and this time I did the whole thing. Problem is I think my sleep these past two days has been deeper than normal (which may even not be a problem as my main problem with LD’s is waking up to quickly :razz:).

Anyway, I did it on my back, as I can almost never fall asleep on my back and thought on my side I’d just fall right asleep. After I was done I rolled over and took some time to fall asleep. At a couple moments I wandered a bit and couldn’t remember which step I was on :tongue:. I started feeling vibrations very faintly but had a terrible itch which made them go away. I’ll try on my side tonight and see what happens.

I actually got a few low lucid moments, but getting lucid isn’t that hard for me, so it’s hard to say how much SILD helped there. I’ll try it for a few more days and see how it goes. I want to see if this tech can get me lucid more consistently and also see how it affects my LD’s in terms of vividness and stability. I did realize better DR in terms of quantity of dreams. I guess I just don’t remember that many details because I didn’t write them down right away.

It’s okay to scratch you know :smile: Seriously, the whole point is to get as comfortable as possible so you can quickly fall asleep. Therefore if you feel itchy then you should definitely deal with it quickly. Don’t worry about the viberation, it will come back quickly, and if it doesn’t, you will get it later after you fall asleep.

The itch is also very likely an illusion. This may happen if you stay completely still. Your body uses this as a probe to see if you are truly asleep. There is a technique on DV that takes advantage of this, but it is extremely hard. The probing becomes so intense that most people just give up. You can stop doing SILD and focus on staying still, and if you are lucky you might move past the probing stage and experience the wonders of falling asleep from a waked state. However, this in general is not compatible with SILD because you will naturally become very tense while doing it.

I tried this this morning with moderate success. The record of it is here.

Where did the idea for this come from? It reminds me of this self-hypnosis technique.

Well another night gone by, this morning I was not in the right mindset at all. Something was upsetting me from the night before and I couldn’t concentrate very well. Still, another increase in DR and vividness is pointing me toward trying for a while longer XD

Thank you Rhewin, for your continuos support! :smile: next time pls let me know more details on how you were doing it so I might be able to help you diagnose. When you say you couldn’t concentrate well, can you please clarify? Do you mean concentrating on the repetitions?


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Very interesting! I just bookmarked the link so I can read it more carefully later. It is indeed VERY similar! The idea of SILD originated from some WILD technique I always used in the past. While working with people on the forum we streamlined and refine it together. The primary goal was to retain the success rate while taking away those “intricate” parts so it’s easy for people to learn. We did a lot of experiments and the technique went through several revisions in the past few months.

I’ll pay more attention tonight to give better feedback. By concentration issues I mean I tried to go through all the steps but my mind was drifting back to an issue I was having. It was an almost sleepless night for me, you see, so trying to focus on one or two things at a time wasn’t the easiest thing. Everything seems in order for tonight, however.

Great tech, cosmic.iron! I’ve been thinking for a while now about what to do with inner sounds / inner images. Thanks for sharing. :good:

well i tried this when i woke up in the night last night and woke up this morning with great dream recall, and i noticed that my attention to detail had highly increased when reading my dream journal writing. no lucidity in this dream.
however i tried again today when having a morning nap after taking my kids to school. when i woke up great dream recall again and a few short lucid moments in two seperate dreams. awesome i will be sure to try again tonight. thankyou!!

I read the link carefully. The resemblance between the two methods are astonishing! Thank you for pointing this out. This for sure will shed more light and give us more insight on why this works and how to further improve it! :woo: