Senses Initiated Lucid Dream (SSILD)

I ended up trying a bit more MILD/SILD and when I got to the hearing part I heard music vividly :grin: . I’ve heard HH music many times but I never enter a dream with it, I guess it’s because it’s not that simple to associate it to a dream scene. So this time I realized that and stoped focusing on the music and imagined the sound of my hands rubbing and hitting a surface, and I entered a LD from there :wink:

I’ll keep trying this mixture of MILD and SILD plus WBTB whenever I can/remember, since I bet more practice will give me even better results.

So, I thought I’d check in and post my progress.

I think I’m using the WILD technique more than SILD, although I am very aware of the sensations within my body and check in with it very regularly (not counting breaths though - thanks for that tidbit!) as I go about this.

Last night I had the most intense not-quite-step through experience I’ve had since my first WILD! I was taking one of my late night naps (1am) and I was listening to a sleep induction track (gnAural has a couple of powernap tracks that work well for learning to nap), and the colors were just SO BRIGHT! I kept feeling lighter, and lighter, and the world outside just felt less and less distinct, and wow, the pretty colors …

and then I was looking at my hands. I made them do a tai chi holding ball in the space, had a smile (not sure if I actually smiled) and then the wake-up cycle started, so I let it go.

Excited to get back to that place though! I think I’m making progress. gnAural has by far aided my progress in learning to nap, and thus make it deeper into SP and experiencing hypnagogia. Highly recommended - I made a 20 minute nap track for it, and if napping is a skill you’d like to learn, PM me and I’ll send you the link for it.

FYI mattias, I wish I could click like on your avatar : )

Tried it and was successful! Just woke up minutes ago and had to rush and post this.

@ShaneTheShaman and @zziga, glad it worked. Please post more details when you have time as the experience will help us further improve the technique! Thank you!

Just one question, when you say to scan your body, do you mean to stay in a still position and feel the senses on your hands and toes, or do you actually wiggle your toes and move your hands?

shane - your goal is to obtain sleep paralysis. when paralyzed, moving is either difficult (shallow paralysis) or requires all your willpower just to twitch your finger (deep paralysis). during this whole time you are scanning your body …

keep it still buddy. use the jedi powers of your mind that the Great Pastamonster gave you.

what I do is imagine a single fingertip touching every piece of exposed skin (as a meditative exercise), then go through and scan all my muscles, ligaments, and tendons the same way, then my bones, then my organs, then all the stuff that’s not corporeal, then repeat the cycle. if you try to go through that whole thing while sleeping you won’t sleep, but you could take a much broader surface area and scan the skin with very little focus required (think 3 fingertips, or the palm of your hand).

fun fact: that meditative exercise, applied for 10 years straight and using increasingly smaller focus points, was how the Buddha finally attained enlightenment - it’s called vipassana meditation, and is very useful for beginning and experienced meditators alike.

but this isn’t a topic about meditation, it’s a topic about dreaming.

My progress: 1 step forward, 3 steps back. I suffered an undesirable setback in my polyphasic adaptation today (that was my own fault) that has made my naps of supremely poor quality. I intend to keep napping through the night and continuing to apply SILD to see if I can achieve another dream body experience.

Actually you can do either. Wiggling will probably create better result, but may wake you too much. You need to find what best suits you :smile:

That’s very interesting! I need to check that out! :smile:

This technique is great. The first time I used it yesterday I had two lucid dreams in one night (that’s super good for me) and a false awakening that I nearly caught. I recalled other more vivid dreams as well. I’m gonna use this again tonight. Thanks!

I finally used this properly and had success with it. After waking up a second time I was able to easily induce a WILD as HI came on during the vision part.

I will say this, it felt a lot like I had been using a relaxation technique. In the end, I think that is what SILD really does. It relaxes your body and mind making active techniques easier, and also adds to your general awareness which seems to help with passive techniques. I’m still not prepared to call this a holy grail or miracle, but I will continue to use it because it does seem to help with very little effort.

I’m sure I’ll report back later

Sounds very interesting. I’ll try it tonight and check back tomorrow. :smile:

I’ve had some pretty intense hallucinations (visual, feeling, sound) when using this technique while lying on my back. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of getting into SP as I don’t want to have demons sitting on me :smile:

So my question is: does this technique require you to lie on your back / does it loose its effectiveness if lying on your side or stomach? For some reason I only expect to get into SP while lying on my back.


SPs do not always occur when using SILD so don’t fear too much – it might be a different experience next time. As for your question, it doesn’t matter what position you use to sleep. Just use one that’s comfortable, but not so comfortable that you fall asleep right away without completing at least a few cycles.

Glad it worked, Rhewin. Your observation makes a lot of sense. I look forward to hear more your feedbacks.

I just tried this, three hours after having slept six hours. I laid in bed on my back (I’m curious if I should be on my back or just any position most comfortable to me) and I did what you said. My body will always immediately start to vibrate and feel heavy. I can’t progress it myself but I can feel it start to progress. I also noticed after going throu my senses rotation about 3 times that i was getting a light ringing in my ears and it started to seem like it was getting louder. I also noticed what seemed like fading in patterns that started to appear a dark bolded white. Which might just be my brain playing tricks on me. This was about 5 rotations in maybe 4. Then I coughed a whole bunch due to having the flu recently and now I’m wide awake.

but I’m curious if those are good signs that I’m on the right track. I figure the vibrations are but I’m afraid that the others are just tricks from my mind. And should I like refuse to open my eyes at all costs? Cause I keep getting strange light paralysis sensations that make me think I’m asleep and I open my eyes and I’m awake

This method sounds great, going to try it shortly. :yay:

Does it work to if you have a nap before you go to sleep cause i don 't think i can set my alarm just for a chance to have a LD cause it will make everbody angry :sad: but i might try it if i wake up in the night after 4 hours (which i most of the time do). and can i do it to if i’m not tired at night?

I personally never use an alarm since I always need to get up for the bathroom at night. So yes, you can do this any time you get up at night naturally. Not too sure about your question regarding the nap… Do you mind re-phrase your question?

I think he meant to ask if it’s possible to do the technique after a nap.

I tried this last night. Used autosuggestion and set up an alarm to wake me up after 5 hours of sleep. Obviously I was too tired and fell asleep before I could question my senses. :sad:

so before i go to sleep i get like some sleep and then i go to bed for real

I tried this for the past few nights. I did not end up having any LD’s, but that kind of makes me wonder if I was doing anything wrong. I tried it during WBTB, but I didn’t get past the first paying attention to what I was seeing part. I generally fall asleep very quickly; I can lose consciousness in a matter of minutes, or even seconds if I’m really tired. So as soon as I tried, I fell asleep straight away within the first 10 seconds.

So, the next night I tried to get myself to be more awake during the WBTB. I simply sat up and opened my eyes and looked around for about a minute. But when I tried to SILD, I got interesting results. As soon as I finished the first set, I got a roll over signal so extreme it was almost painful. I tried to ride it out but it was so powerful that I couldn’t continue to SILD and just focused on staying still. But even then, the signal kept getting stronger, and it felt like every muscle in my body was on fire and the intensity would just increase if I didn’t roll over. So, eventually I gave in.

I tried again, this time lying on my side. I got to 3 sets before the roll over signal came again. So I tried moving my legs a little when I needed to in order to satisfy the signal and then continuing the sets. That didn’t work either, because while my body stopped screaming to move, my mind was far too awake to fall asleep afterwards.

Any advice on what I should do differently?

  1. Sounds to me you are falling asleep way too fast, LOL. I suggest you to either get up after six hours sleep or stay awake for at least 5-10 minutes before you start SILD.

  2. The sensation you felt is the typical phenomenon experienced when your body attempts to fall asleep when it detects long period of immobility. When you stay immobile for a while, your body, assuming it is sufficiently tird, will attempt to go to sleep. In order to make sure your mind is already asleep (as a safety measure perhaps), the body sends out a very strong signal literally shouting “I’m uncomfortable!”. If you respond to it by rolling or other movement then your body will seize to go to sleep; otherwise you body falls asleep and you experience some very strange sensations as it does that. This is in fact a very effective way to WILD but it requires an iron will and takes a long time to accomplish.

When the above happens, it’s always a good indication that you are doing SILD in a wrong way. SILD does not require you to stay still. You should be as comfortable as possible! If you feel an itch, just scratch it. If you want to roll, do it! Just do a couple of extra repetitions to compensate for the interruption will be enough.