Serious Problems with WILD

WILDs always fail for me for some reason. It appears that I am too awake for the WILD to work properly. I WILD in the middle of the night after a WBTB period. After I relax, I feel some form of SP start to come on. I feel as if I’m glued to the bed, vibrations start, and I cannot move. After awhile the vibrations stop and that is all the happens. I simply lay in bed for about an hour before I decide to give up. For some strange reason I do not see any Hypnagogic Imagery and do not experience any hallucinations. Does anyone know what I’m doing incorrectly?

try imagining locations, places, people, scenery while you go into SP- this should assist the beginning of memory impressions.

Yup, it’s all about imagining. Never actually focus on anything- There’s a difference between that and staying aware. Try and remember your dream or have a dream scenario ready (If you can’t remember a dream, best would be to try and go back to an event that actually took place during the day - It’s more vivid).

Just focus less on you and more on… Everything else.