set back :( & some questions

For those of you who haven’t seen my other post in this forum, I’ve just begun my quest for lucidity, and discovered this site a few days ago. I’ve been keeping a dream journal now since I found LD4all, andI thought I had set off to a really good start - for the first time I could recall thought processes in my dreams, but last night and the night before I have experienced something extremely frustrating.

Before I found this website, it was usual for me to remember my dreams, maybe not the whole story, or the smallest details most nights, but at the least I always remembered that I had dreamed. However these passed two nights I fell asleep only to wake up in the morning feeling like I’d been dead all night, I had no inkling that I’d dreamed at all.

What I am wondering is do we actually dream every night? And if we do are these ‘dead’ nights just something that fade away over time as your dream recall improves? It was just such a shock this happened as my dream recall actually had been improving.

Strangely even though I didn’t dream or at least didn’t realise I did last night, I had experienced something as I was falling asleep. I had let my mind wander, and I’m not sure if I was daydreaming or actually suddenly dreaming, but I saw a woman who spun and looked directly at me, the shock of her piercing green eyes made my whole body begin to buzz, but then suddenly I lost her gaze and became concious I was lying in bed. For a split second when I saw the woman I can remember thinking she isn’t real, I’m dreaming, but the thing is, I didn’t even think I was asleep. I’m ever so confused, I’m not sure what to make of this.

Just another quick question or two before I end this rather lengthy post.
I actually have really bad hay-fever at the moment, which leaves me unable to actually get to sleep for ages, I’m tossing and turning. Would this affect my quality of sleep, because it could have been the reason for my set backs these past nights?
Also, does the way in which you initially fall asleep, at the beginning of the night affect your chance of dreaming\lucidity. What I mean to say is, should I be worried about fidgeting, or should I be trying to lie perfectly still and meditate somewhat. Before I discovered about being lucid, every night before I fell asleep I would usually have something I called ‘think dreams’ where I would play scenarios out in my minds eye, and usually whilst I would be doing this I’d fall asleep. The question I’m really getting at is, can you really fall asleep however you want?

Thank you in advance to any replies :happy:

Yes, we dream every night.

Even those of us with amazing dream recall sometimes find themselves in the morning, with no memory of any dreams.

I think the manner in which you are awoken will be the deciding factor, regarding your dream recall. For example, if you are startled awake, you will, more than likely, have poor memory of what you were just dreaming of.

When you are sick, it’s common to have disrupted sleeping patterns, and strange dreams.

Of course you can sleep in any position you want, and still have Lucid Dreams. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

If you’re trying WILD, however, it might be wiser to lie in a relatively uncomfortable position, such as on your back (Supine position), where your aim is to get your body to fall asleep, but not your mind.

Ah yes, I did think that it was the case that we dream every night, thank you for clearing that up :smile:

Generally I do wake up rather slowly, so hopefully this will help me improve dream recall. I also dont use an alarm clock, which does wake you up suddenly - I wake up naturally every morning.

Thats very interesting indeed, thank you for suggesting this.