Shouting "increase lucidity"

First LD in a long time. I became aware that my surroundings - my home - were “wrong”, and deduced I must be dreaming. Looked at my hands and saw six or seven fingers on each and laughed - “yes, this is a dream, and I’m totally lucid”. Next step, stay calm, stabilize and increase lucidity. This is where it went wrong. I said “increase lucidity”, and noticed that my speech was slightly garbled, dreamlike, so I tried again, yelling “increase lucidity” at the top of my voice. This time the words came out loud and clear, but it turned out I’d really shouted out in WL, and either the sound of my voice or my wife, hearing me shouting, woke me up. My wife told me later that she’d distinctly heard me talking in my sleep. This ever happen to anyone else?

[color=red][/color]This ever happen to anyone else?

Yes, many times I have woken listening myself shout.
And not only that, many times I catch myself moving hands and feet in accordance with the final stage of the dream movements.
Take it easy, keep trying LD, no serious problem!

this has happened to me,
not so much with shouting,
but with talking,
and most annoyingly,

when i’m trying to fly, sometimes when i try to kick off the ground my feet in real life jump as well and i jolt myself awake very suddenly

not fun

Thanks for the input, guys. Much appreciated.

I like to shout increase lucidity or even increase vividness.

I have this example where I was in a lucid dream already and I felt quite confident about how much lucid I was so I wasn’t shouting increase lucidity but increase vividness. I flew from the house that was made in the cliff down to the shore and “landed” on one of the few stone pillars that were there and I was looking across the sea and there was forest but in looked like it was autumn, leafs had beautiful specter of colors but I couldn’t see that far very good as I wanted so I shouted increase vividness and everything became more clear and colors became more vibrant and every time I would shout effect increased, but I never heard myself in waking life shouting nor anybody told me that I was shouting…